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  • Questions About Amazon Prime

    Posted on Nathan Parker Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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     Nathan Parker 2 weeks, 1 day ago.

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      Nathan Parker

      I’m curious as to how many AskWoody members are Amazon Prime members, and what you think about it. As a student, I can qualify for half-off of Prime. However, I’m not sure if I would still fully use all of the benefits of it:

      • Free shipping is nice, although when I order from Amazon, I generally place more than $25 per order to qualify for free shipping. My Zip Code doesn’t qualify for same-day shipping or Prime Now, so I can’t use those. I don’t heavily order from Amazon (school textbooks I generally get through another store, and some home stuff I get from another place), but there are times when I can only get some things from Amazon.
      • I’m not sure if I would use the access to Lightning Deals or not.
      • Diapers and baby food doesn’t matter since I don’t have any young children.
      • We don’t have a Whole Foods yet, but I’d love to have one. If we get one, that would seriously up my interest in going for it. I also get confused about their Prime Rewards Visa Card vs Store Card on the 5% back.
      • The movies and TV shows perk might be nice, but I just signed up for Hulu with Live TV, so I do have access to some good content on Hulu, plus I have a few other good apps I can access streaming video content on. Prime Channels is interesting, but the channels I need I had to get through Hulu.
      • Amazon Price Music is interesting, but I already get Apple Music and Spotify included in some other services I have.
      • The free games isn’t a perk I’d use as I don’t play games.
      • Prime reading looks interesting since I do a lot of reading.
      • I don’t qualify for 2 hour grocery or restaurant delivery yet.
      • I don’t qualify for in-home or in-car delivery, and I wouldn’t use those anyway.
      • Try before you buy clothes sounds interesting, but I have to order my clothes elsewhere since I’m super tall.
      • Alexa voice shopping sounds interesting since I do use Alexa.
      • Not sure if I’d use the rotating podcasts on Audible channels or not. Most podcasts I can access through Apple Podcasts.
      • Unlimited photo storage is nice, but my photo library is already in iCloud Photos, so not a huge advantage either.
      • I haven’t participated in Prime Day sales, but I’ve heard they’re pretty good.
      • Prime Pantry sounds interesting, and if it meant fewer trips to the grocery store, something that would interest me.
      • One aspect that has me interested in Prime is the amount of Amazon devices I own (I currently own three Echo devices and about to add a fourth one and an Echo Show, plus I own a Kindle and Fire TV), so I’m wondering if I would get more out of my devices with Prime or not.


      Nathan Parker

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      AskWoody Plus

      We have Prime and for us it’s worth the price for the two-day delivery and free shipping. Don’t use the other perks since at this time there isn’t anything that interests us. I say based on what you’ve put out there in the way of devices and such, it sounds like a good idea to go for it, especially with the half price deal. If you decide to pick up on Prime you can always try some of the offers with the program as you go along.

      Win7 SP1 Home 64-bit; Office 2010; GrpA, when all is said, done and fixed, Mac OSX to help me sleep at night.

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      Tom in Az
      AskWoody Plus


      I have been a Prime member for about 4 years. I don’t use many of the items you have outlined above, so can’t comment on them. I got Prime mainly for the free shipping, and usually beat them up pretty well on that. I am the caregiver for my wife and several home-health supplies are priced competitively IF you are a Prime member; not available to non-Prime members. We have been exploring some of the original TV programming lately, but too early to tell if it is worthwhile.

      My main gripe with Prime is that much of what is sold on Amazon these days comes from third-party sellers and does not qualify for Prime shipping.

      Best regards,


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      AskWoody Plus

      We use Prime all the time for free shipping, streaming videos and at our local Whole Foods.  Membership fee pays for itself in savings.

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      Nathan Parker

      Thanks everyone for the great info. Once I finish my Latin class and have more time on my hands, I’ll take a trial of Prime and see what I think. I may end up using more of the benefits than I imagine, plus once we could get a Whole Foods here, it would definitely come in handy (I badly want a Whole Foods).

      Does anyone know the difference between the Amazon Store Credit Card and the Amazon Prime Rewards credit card and which is the better option?

      Nathan Parker

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      AskWoody MVP


      The Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card gets you 5% back on all Amazon purchases.

      We use this card exclusively for Amazon purchases. HTH 😎

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
      Computer Specs

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      Nathan Parker

      Excellent. Great to know. I will look into that as well.

      Nathan Parker

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      AskWoody Plus

      This note has nothing to do with Amazon Prime and everything to do with smart shopping:

      • The price for a particular item tends to bounce. Sometimes, the price is up; sometimes the price is down. Yesterday, I purchased an item for about $6.00 and today, the item is $14.00; who knows about tomorrow. Prices are fluid.
      • Prices for the same, exactly the same, generic item vary wildly. Check and compare before buying.
      • Make sure you have Prime selected in sidebar options or select only Prime items. Even if you don’t use Amazon Prime, the price and product comes through Amazon and guarantees $25.00 purchase gets you free shipping. The free shipping is generous.
      Group G{ot backup} Win7Pro · x64 · SP1 · i3-3220 · TestBeta
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      Nathan Parker

      Good advice!

      Nathan Parker

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      AskWoody Plus

      I subscribe to Amazon Prime, and I use it, in part, to keep some movies and shows I have bought or I am buying from big A. For example, the latest episode of a show one buys plays, in my own experience, one or two days after it was broadcast by the network producing it, and it is free of commercials, which for me is well worth the money. Also there are many more shows and movies available for free, including those produced by Amazon itself, and I am keeping a few of favorite ones that used to be in Netflix and got finally removed because their contractual agreements came to an end, as it often happens. I do not buy music, because I can get it from radio and over the Web broadcasts or download them for free from YouTube, my taste in music running very narrowly to Jazz, folk and classical.

      One important consideration, for me, is that some items of the kinds mentioned here sometimes are available, or available for free, only from Amazon Prime.

      I also buy from Amazon books, movies and shows on DVD, as well as things I cannot find in shops in my area. The latter are odd items such as, in recent memory: large kitchen sponges, slippers for walking indoors, a certain brand of powder laundry detergent, my favorite brand of dish soap, a herbal extract I once got prescribed in Germany and worked very well for a mild chronic condition, but it is not generally available here, some Mac dongles I needed — that sort of thing.

      I do not use Alexa, because I don’t find it necessary and am very suspicious of anything that is, for all I know, listening to what is going on at home all the time and ready to connect my home to an external place offering a less than iron-clad guarantee concerning its services users’ privacy, allegedly only on my voice command, but then again…

      In general, I am not all that observant of price savings: as long as I can afford something I need — or really want but cannot get it at a lower price — I buy it, my own philosophy on such matters being: “that’s what money is for.” But price-shopping, when I have the time to do it, is something I like to do as well.

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      Nathan Parker

      Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

      Nathan Parker

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      Nathan Parker

      I’ll probably signup for Prime August 1. I know I’ll miss this year’s Prime Day (but I don’t need anything major at the moment anyway). Starting to get some of the apps downloaded and ready to go.

      Nathan Parker

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