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    I am running Quicken 2004, the last UK version produced by Intuit on Win XP Pro SP3, and have been doing so since 2004 without any problems. This old version is not compatible with Windows 7 so in my preparations for Win 7 I thought I would try Quicken 2010 (the US version). This would not load until I uninstalled the current version. Before I did this I copied over my Quicken files and the backup files to a thumb drive for safety. The experiment with 2010 did not work so I uninstalled it and re-installed 2004 from the original disk. When I tried to load my current account from its original position on the HD it reported “Can’t open this file” and “Unable to open the selected file”. I then tried to Restore from the backup file and obtained the same messages. In desperation I tried the USB thumb drive and the account loaded without any problems.

    Not wanting to have to use the thumb drive every time I worked at my accounts I tried copying the files back to the hard disk and tried using SendTo without avail. I loaded the file and then used Quicken’s Copy but it still wouldn’t load the copy it had just made. I continue to request a routine backup after every use but I don’t know why because it cannot restore from it’s backup files.

    Since Intuit no longer supports version 2004 I have no help there.

    Has anyone any ideas about what is going on here and, hopefully, provide a solution.

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      Back in 2004, Quicken used a set of files for its data with extensions like .QDF .QEL .QSD .QPH and .IDX

      If you try to restore part of the set you will get an error. They have to all be in sync to open and all in the same folder.

      A possible way to finesse the program is to create a new account in a separate folder with the name you want to use. This will cause Quicken to create the correct set of files. Then copy over this set with your old files and try Quicken again to see if it will open the replaced file set.

      I don’t know what you meant when you said you ” tried using SendTo without avail”. I have always just copied the files using a file manager.

      Also, if your test of Quicken 2010 converted your HD resident copies of the account files, the conversion would not be compatible with the 2004 version. That may be why you got the initial “Can’t open this file” and “Unable to open the selected file” error messages.

      I hope this helps.

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        Yes, Quicken 2004 does have numerous files with different extensions but when you click on File/Open Quicken offers only the .QDF file. There is no way to incorporate the others. You seem to have missed the point that I have been using this program since 2004 and it has never had problems opening, backing up or restoring files until now.

        In my post I said “I had tried copying the files back to the hard disk” so, of course, I was using a file manager. I could not try to Move the files as the files on the thumb drive were my only set I added the Quicken folder on my HD to the SendTo menu and tried that as an alternative way of transferring the files.

        Quicken 2010 did not convert any files as it rejected them as ‘foreign’ files. In any case I was not so stupid as to let Q2010 loose on my secure backed up files. It only looked at the data in the Quicken folder on my HD. I have copied the data from the thumb drive to various places on two different HDs and that didn’t work either.

        You suggestion seems to have some merit but I have not had time to try it. If it works I shall certainly let you know.

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        Just wanted to thank you for this. I was trying to go from 2002 to 2013, and when that failed, couldn’t reload 2002 and access old data. Have spent at least 8 hours on phone with Quicken support, tried a dozen things, and thought I’d lost 10 years of data for good, even with numerous backups. This worked perfectly.

        Now can enjoy the weekend!

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        A possible way to finesse the program is to create a new account in a separate folder with the name you want to use. This will cause Quicken to create the correct set of files. Then copy over this set with your old files and try Quicken again to see if it will open the replaced file set.

        I hope this helps.

        Thank you for saving my computer life with this suggestion. Had spent weeks and at least 8 hours on the phone with Quicken trying to recover access to 2002 files lost while trying to convert to 2013. Really thought 10 years of data was gone for good, even with multiple backups.

        This worked perfectly. For some reason I couldn’t create a new file longer than 8 letters – my original file name was 12 – but once I figured out that little issue and created an appropriately smaller file name, I simply copied a backup to the new folder, and it pulled up in 2002, then converted flawlessly to 2004 then to 2013.

        Anyway, can’t thank you enough for this little tip.


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      Worked like a charm! Many thanks.

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      Interesting to discover other users of “legacy” versions of Quicken in the UK! Readers might be interested to know that I am using Quicken 2002 deluxe on Windows 7 64-bit, without any problem. I know that I am exposed (no support, etc.) should anything go wrong, and keep looking for a replacement, but have not found the answer yet. It looks as if I am not alone!

      Dell E5570 Latitude, Intel Core i5 6440@2.60 GHz, 8.00 GB - Win 10 Pro

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        And I’m using Quicken 2004 successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. It required a little tweaking of the comparability settings to get it to run properly but it’s fine now.

        I hate that Intuit has dumped its UK users!

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          I am still using QB version 3 (that is version 3, not 2003) from 1998 on my Windows 7/64. I need to run it under XP on the free Microsoft Virtual PC and save reports to a PDF generator but it still works.

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            Good to know that I am not the only one suffering from Intuit’s withdrawal from the UK market. I had come across references on the Web of people using 2004 successfully on Win 7 but it seemed that they were not using Home Premium (which I plan to use) which has a more limited compatibility power. It is important when discussing Win 7 to mention the version and whether it is 32- or 64-bit. So it does run on Ultimate as Phurrie reports but what version are you using serifal?

            I plan to try 2010 first since it is compatible with Home Premium but if I fail to transfer my account files using MS Money as a go-between, then I will revert back to 2004 and see if it will run in compatibility mode.

            Watch this space in a couple of weeks.

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      Instructions to install quicken 2004 on vista,7 and 7 64

      1. Make sure you are an Administrator of the Vista PC. If you only have one account you probably are, if you need to check: Start | Control Panel | User Accounts | Add or remove User Accounts.
      2. Goto http://www.dlldump.com and download the 3 dlls MFC70.dll, msvcr70.dll and msvcp70.dll. Ideally download them straight to where Quicken is installed (C:Program FilesQuicken) but Vista would not let me do that, I had to download them to my user Documents folder first then copy them from there to the Quicken install dir.
      3. Open a DOS box (Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt).
      4. At the DOS prompt type (you’ll need to change the dll location if Quicken is not installed in C:Program FilesQuicken):
      regsvr32 /s “C:Program FilesQuickenqwapp.dll”
      regsvr32 /s “C:Program FilesQuickenqwinver.dll”
      That’s it – Quicken will now run and you can load your file (BACK IT UP SEVERAL TIMES AND PUT THE BACKUPS SOMEWHERE SAFE FIRST).

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        I’m wondering about Quicken 2004 and Win8 – anybody tried that yet?

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        I, too, am a UK user of Quicken 2004. I’ve tried some other applications but none come close to Quicken.

        I’ve been using it since 1997 when I also used it for my business and have never had a problem reinstalling after a Windows upgrade. Currently it’s running perfectly in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and is the very first application I test after an upgrade. There’s a second copy on my laptop and an automatic sync of the data files between desktop and laptop.

        I shudder to think what’ll happen if it ever fails on me as I use almost all of it’s facilities including Forecasting, Inventory and downloads from my bank.

        I don’t recollect having to download any dlls for Win7 (all 3 are in my Quicken dir, dated 8/12/2004) but will keep a note of serifall’s instructions in case they’re needed for win8.

        I wonder how many in the UK are still using Quicken?

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          Although I don’t have records of precisely when I converted from the over user-friendly Microsoft Money, I have records of all my financial transactions since 1994, but I’m not sure how many were converted from Money. I upgraded Quicken occasionally, when it seemed a good idea, but boggled when Quicken 2001 required one to update every year, at who knows what cost. So Quicken 2001 is still on the shelf and I’m still using Quicken 2000.

          This had an interesting consequence in 2007, when my bank ceased to provide downloadable transaction files (OFX) in Quicken 2000 format. Users from that time may remember that the original Quicken had its debits & credits the wrong way round, and I was faced with a problem. At that point I learned my first programming since APL in about 1980, and found out enough about Python to write a little program to change the format of credit card transactions.

          This has enabled me continue using Quicken 2000 (under WinXP SP3), in a fairly simple-minded way to this day. I daren’t think what would happen if I tried any later OS – I haven’t tried it on my Vista laptop.

          I sometimes feel a twinge of anxiety at the size of the data files: I seem to remember Quicken complaining about space, but can’t remember how I got past that. I have diligently extracted transaction from time to time and put them in a MySQL database, but that doesn’t seem to reduce them as much as you might expect. It does, however, make searching of past transactions a bit more flexible, if in a rather ill-designed language.

          I’ve looked at both GnuCash and jGnash some years ago, couldn’t get to like either of them at the time. Same goes for Accountz, a UK package I looked at when it first appeared, but I didn’t feel like being a test installation.

          So I seem to be stuck with Quicken, which has started mismatching more downloaded transactions than it used to, and doesn’t provide a simple way of backtracking on simple user errors.:mad:

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      I too am running Quicken 2004 on Windows 7 64bit, on both my desktop and laptop.

      On my desktop I get a UAC prompt when I launch it, but on my laptop I don’t get the prompt and Quicken loads straight away.

      I use ViceVersaPro from TGRMN software to keep the Desktop and Laptop Quicken files in synch with each other.

      I started using Quicken back in the days of Windows 3.1 with a copy that from a computer magazine. I have upgraded with new versions right up to version 2004.

      I tried to find other software that was on a par with Quicken after Intuit cancelled any further UK development, but I didn’t find any that I could get along with.

      Note to Kenwa;

      How did you get the US version in the UK.

      I’ve tried online and got stymied every time.

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        Another Quicken user here! Quicken 2001 running on both W7 32x and 64x with no problems whatsoever. Goodness knows what I’ll do if it ever fails to run, I rely on it so much.

        Win10 22H2 Pro, MBAM Premium, Firefox, OpenOffice, Sumatra PDF.
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        Be careful with using the US version and getting it to read old UK data files. I had this problem and it corrupted dates on the records it read in, confuled no doubt by the d/m/y – m/d/y formats. I ended up manually editing dates on a few hundred records. Maybe there is a better way but Intuit were no help

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      Perhaps I should have been more specific, my system is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, and I think that Win 7 Home Premium might not cut it. I do not recall having to jump through all the hoops that serifall outlined in his post. Are Intuit aware of their loyal following in the UK, not that they have done anything to deserve such loyalty?

      Dell E5570 Latitude, Intel Core i5 6440@2.60 GHz, 8.00 GB - Win 10 Pro

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      I use Quicken 2000 on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Just had to tweak some compatability settings.

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      I am also using Quicken 2002 on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium, and have been for over a year without any problems (bar an inability to print to an old printer not supported by W7). Installation and operation all worked fine without any specific adjustments.

      My backups and switches of files (I have several sets) all work fine since I just copy the whole file group for the account concerned. I no longer use the built in backup but use Acronis or move/copy the files with Windows Explorer.

      As for the comment about being exposed without support, I am not sure that is any loss, given the total lack of support Intuit gave me when Quicken started calculating incorrect VAT liability. Luckily I picked that up before HMRC creamed me.

      Win 10 Pro x64 Group A

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        Well, chris b, you do take me back. After I retired I used Quicken for my personal accounts. Introduced it to my golf club when I became Treasurer and loved it until I discovered a flaw in the VAT system. Can’t remember the details now, but Intuit refused to correct the problem since ‘nobody else had it’. After trying alternatives I swallowed my pride and transferred to Quickbooks, another Intuit package, which was much more expensive, but proved ideal and flexible. Introduced it to other organisations where it proved very popular with the treasurers and auditors.

        Sorry Loungers, this is nostalgia not constructive comment.

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      Quicken works on a 3-year cycle. After 3 years, “certain functions” do not work. That way they keep you spending money. Thank goodness most other applications don”t follow this path.

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        Just to confirm other people’s – I’ve got Quicken 2004 (actually – the help says Quicken XG 2004 UK Edition, release R2) running on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. According to my notes, to install it, I needed to run the installation (a) as an admin and (b) in WinXP SP3 mode.

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      Like all posted so far i too have Quicken 2004 and managed somehow to get it to run on Windows 7 Professional 64bit, but i have never been able to get it to do a year end copy back up or the one that clears the rest and leaves just the current year. i was hoping when seeing the Dll registrations above that it would finally now work. but it goes through the motions and still comes up with file not copied at the end, has anyone successfully got that part of quicken 2004 to work successfully.

      I to have tried to find alternatives but nothing is a patch on Quicken 2004 for ease of use, decent interface etc

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        I started using Quicken in the ’90s. Then switched to MS Money. It was superb. I wish Microsoft never dumped it! I am now on Quiken 2011 and I have trouble with reconciling accounts. It doesn’t handle investment puts and calls transactions nearly as well as MS Money did. Oh well.

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      Oakdale – my largest file set is 22.6MB and I have not had a file size problem yet, in case that makes you feel any better.

      acbeaton – at least you got a reply out of Intuit on your VAT issue, even if it was a lie. I could not even get that! In the end I stuck with Quicken, rewrote the VAT reports to make them work properly, and checked everything manually. After all that grief, it was against my religion to give them more money for Quickbooks. For charity work I have used TAS or MYOB, but not SAGE.


      Win 10 Pro x64 Group A

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      [h=4]How to get Quicken personal accounts software in the UK[/h] Intuit, the developer of the excellent Quicken personal accounting software, quit the UK market several years ago. Microsoft has also discontinued the UK version of Money, so, now that the old UK versions won’t work in Windows 7, that leaves the UK lacking in the best personal accounting software.

      Fortunately, there is a solution – you can visit amazon.com, the US amazon site, and purchase the latest US version of Quicken Deluxe, which is easy to configure so that it uses the British pound as its currency. The Americanisms, such as using ‘check’ instead of ‘cheque’, aren’t a problem.
      This is the click path to follow in the program itself to achieve that – Edit => Preferences => Quicken Program => Calendar and Currencies. Tick the box described as Multicurrency Support, then click on Tools in the menu bar, select Currency List, select UK Pound Sterling in the list and click Home and OK. This makes the program use the pound as its currency.
      When you register the program, remember to disable the registration prompt, because a US address is required. To do that, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys, click on the Tools menu and select One Step Update. When setting up new accounts in the program, check the Advanced Setup at the top of the first box and select the ‘manual entry’ to avoid problems. The US version of Quicken won’t be able to restore a backup of your previous Quicken data, so you’ll have to set it up anew.
      [h=4]Quicken 2011 and other versions no longer launch[/h] November 20, 2011. – Many Quicken users are reporting that it is no longer launching. Apparently there are plenty of users offering help on the web that is useless. Here is some advice that helps many users.
      Right-click the Quicken icon and click Properties. Run as Administrator must be enabled on the General tab. Enable Run this program in compatibility mode on the Compatibility tab and then select Windows XP.
      Apparently a necessary Quicken file – qwutilnet.dll – is being treated as a virus by some virus scanners. Checking your scanner’s logs should reveal if this is the case. If necessary, restore that .dll by conducting a search for it on the web.

      Source: http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/Software.htm#quicken

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        I spend the winter in Florida and, therefore, used Quicken 2002’s multi-currency feature to keep track of bank accounts and credit cards in both UK and US currencies. I was running this quite happily on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, as an administrator and in XP compatibility mode, until early February 2012.

        For no reason that I could discern, Q2002 then refused to open my file. I had backups and several previous generations of the files, but none were acceptable. So I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and get myself up to date.

        I ‘chatted’ to a Quicken agent online about upgrading my Q2002 (UK) to Q2012 (US) and converting my data. I was told that would be easily achieved so I purchased Q2012 at a 50% discount – using a link from the chat agent.

        Subsequently I encountered problems moving my data to Q2012 and had to try a free copy of Q2004 as an intermediate conversion tool.

        After over 70 minutes on another ‘chat’ session the agent decided that Quicken/Intuit could not convert my data – not because it was from Q2002, but because it was from a UK version!

        I accepted that reluctantly and obtained a refund. But I do not give up that easily!

        It appeared that Q2002 was ‘broken’ and, because it was unsupported, Quicken would not even discuss what might have happened. So I either had to find a way to fix that by researching on the web or find a way to convert the data.

        I decided that the former was a dead end and that I should concentrate on the latter.

        So, my choices for using Q2012 seemed to be between:

          [*]starting afresh with empty files and accepting that reconciling bank accounts and credit cards would be tricky for a few months
          [*]finding a semi-manual way to convert the data in my current files (which covered 31/12/2010 onwards).

        After 7 days of trying various approaches I finally managed to get my data from Q2002 UK to Q2012 US via Q2004 US. I used the QIF export facility and a lot of manual effort and cross-checking to ensure that the accounts were accurate in Q2012. I also had to manually re-enter the scheduled transactions and my memorized reports, but my categories were preserved.

        Of course, the US version is not suitable if you want to use pre-defined categories for the UK tax line items, but I do not use Quicken for that purpose. My life as a pensioner is simple as far as tax is concerned, so I do not have to complete annual returns anymore.

        I then sent Quicken another email, via their web form system, outlining the above situation and ending with:

        “So, the point of this ’email’ is two-fold:
        1. To let you know that the conversion IS possible, but it is very time-consuming and frustrating.
        2. To offer to pay for Q2012 (at the discounted rate previously offered) now that I am able to use it. (Although I hope that you might want to offer some compensation for my perseverance and dedication to using Quicken!)

        I am still dismayed that a company of your size did not provide an easy upgrade path for the thousands of non-US users of the Quicken program.

        P.S. I have also noticed that, although I have received my refund, I can still use the Q2012 that I have downloaded. I even appear to be able to register it and download it again if I wanted. This demonstrates my honesty in offering to pay as soon as I had established that I could make use of the program.

        Please let me know what is decided and if you need my credit card details again.”

        I have not heard anything, but I am still using Q2012 and was recently notified of the availability of Q2013 at a reduced subscriber price.

        The bottom line is that, although I now have a modern version of Quicken running on the latest Windows operating system (but Q2013 is now out and W8 is only 6 days away), I have archive files of data from years prior to 2011 that I probably cannot access without a great deal of effort. I have not had any need to try that yet and so have concentrated on more important things.

        I hope that this helps some of the other UK Quicken users.

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      What a minefield this is. I have been using Q2004XG for the UK installed on Win7, until in November last there was a HD crash and all data lost. The UK Q2004 also had the UK tax alignments. Installing any versions of Q2004 which I can find on the web (the original disc having been lost) do not read my existing Quicken files. It seems that the missing file qwutilnet.dll may have something to do with this. There are seemingly many options for downloading this file but my McAfee doesn’t like them. So the questions are:
      1) Where can I obtain a UK copy of Q2004 or Q2004XG (has anyone got a copy of it please?)?
      2) Where can I safely obtain a copy of the file qwutilnet.dll?

      Thanks in advance for any help.


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