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    I read about Update Hub in the Older Geeks column in December and decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately I didn’t do a backup before starting and found that my latest was a few weeks old.  The system is a home built that has been very reliable.  It started as a core two duo running Vista and migrated to Win 7 and Win 10.  I also upgraded to an i7 processor several years ago with a newer mother board.

    Within minutes of running Update Hub, the system started crashing. No blue screen, just a blank screen and than a reboot and a beep from the mother board speaker, just like pushing the old restart/reset button. Initial problem looked to be the BOINC program from Berkeley that runs Seti-at-home and several other computer sharing programs. The update program had updated 19 programs and two Microsoft Virtual C+ modules. I uninstalled all of them and only put back two or three. Most were old and unused. I also did the in-place reinstall of Win 10 that retains all of the programs and data. I can still crash it within 3 to 5 minutes by running the Windows Defender full scan, while the quick scan and Malware bytes both will run to completion.  Also the BOINC program will run now with no apparent problems, as long as I limit to two processes instead of four.  I’ve turned it off for now.  In some of the error logs, I found a reference to Microsoft Windows DeviceSetupManager, but searching that on the Microsoft support site gave no returns.  It’s been so long since I’ve had any problems with this system that I don’t remember many of the trouble shooting procedures.

    Any suggestions on where to look or what to do?


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      Limiting to 2 CPUs sounds like a heat problem.
      What are the CPU temps?
      Is your CPU fan behaving?
      Is your CPU heatsink loose?

      It could also be a power supply not providing enough power.

      cheers, Paul

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        Looks like you’re right.  The power supply fan isn’t running.  The CPU was staying between 104 and 125 as I added processes.  First Malwarebytes, then added windows defender and then an mp4 on WMP.  CPU stayed in range but I assume the power supply overheated.  The ASRock utility was showing 0 rpm and I could see it not turning.  Those jobs killed it.  Luckily, I have a spare power supply around here.  I’ll report back in a few days when I get it replaced.  Also a good time to blow out the dust.

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      Replaced the power supply and all seems good now.  The computer and the i7 gen 2 CPU are from 2011.  The extra power supply was also from 2011, but I went from 500W to 600W.  Eventually I’ll have to build a new computer and go to Win 11.

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