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  • Reader feedback on driver/software updaters, and more!

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    LANGALIST By Fred Langa CCleaner — the popular system-cleanup tool — recently added automated software and driver updaters to its features. A subscrib
    [See the full post at: Reader feedback on driver/software updaters, and more!]

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      I use ccPortable + CCEnhancer (portable version of CCleaner) from time to time just to delete temp files.
      I never let CCleaner touch files, registry, software, drivers…

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      I tried (free) CCleaner’s driver update a couple of weeks ago. It did suggest some updates, but when I used Contol Panel to search for updates non of CCleaners suggestions appeared!

      I’ve declined to use CCleaners suggestions.

      – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

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      I have one driver update tool.  Both my daily driver and my NAS have Intel DH87RL motherboards.  My NAS has an Intel mSATA SSD for the OS (Windows 10 21H1).  My update tool is Intel® Driver Support Assistant.

      Even though the motherboards and CPU’s are circa 2013, very infrequently the Support Assistant will suggest an update.  When I click on the notice, the Intel website opens and gives me the option to download and install.  I’ve received notices for graphics driver updates (for Windows 10) and installed them.  The latest (a couple of months ago) was a software update for the Intel SSD monitoring software in my NAS.  Otherwise,

      – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

      Create a fresh drive image before making system changes/Windows updates, in case you need to start over!
      "When you're troubleshooting, start with the simple and proceed to the complex."—M.O. Johns
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      I was surprised to see this in Fred’s column this week:

      Alas, although I recommend and use CCleaner’s Registry cleaner on my PCs (I even have a Pro license), I emphatically do not recommend either the software or the driver updater.

      The surprising part was not the second half of the sentence, but the first half. Over the years it’s become a nearly universal piece of tech advice not to use registry cleaners. I don’t have a dog in this fight–I can go either way on this question–so I am (sincerely) curious as to Fred’s reasons for recommending a registry cleaner when most every other expert says to avoid registry cleaners like the plague.

      I’m open-minded and hoping that Fred himself will set out his line of thinking. Looking forward to it!


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      I won’t use CCleaner for four reasons:

      1. Owned by Avast, a data brokering company.
      2. Last version I used wouldn’t work at all unless it was online and it would break through firewall blocks.  No reason CC should ever have to be online to function.
      3. It “finds” cookies that don’t exist, seems to just collect them, even after deletion so it looks like it’s doing something, maybe? No one’s ever been able to provide an explanation for what the supposed cookies are.
      4. I know where all the stuff that accumulates now, so cleaners are kinda irrelevant.

      Too bad, CC saved a royally hosed laptop for me ten years ago and was a super easy way to disable unneeded windows apps.  The registry cleaner, etc., was really dangerous, there was a saying “If you like OS reinstalls, use CC without checking everything it finds and one day, you’re golden!”

      I do use Snappy Driver Installer Origin, it’s portable, benign, clean and works well.  Very few mis-hits.  Like any other driver updater, you really should look at what it recommends.  The only exception is graphics drivers, I do that myself because of occasional bungled releases and they take a long time to fix.  Other software updates including Windows Updates are done manually.

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        How about using CCleaners older versions before it got all commercial on us???i.e. the earlier versions have very limited extras onboard…just a thought…(he says whilst using version: 2.33.1184) but I mean earlier even…they used to have all their versions available online for download anytime years ago….cheers.

        If there is magic on this earth ... it's in the water.

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      • #2381757

        CC is in my used to use category, any kind of driver installer is in my been there done that , glad I made it out alive, never again category.


        Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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