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    SOFTWARE By Susan Bradley Last week, I urged users to review their software needs and consider options other than sticking with outdated and unsupport
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Started early 1989 using AutoCAD (release 9). Later that year, we hooked all pc’s into a Novell NetWare network. And the early versions of AutoCAD didn’t do any checking if a file was in use. Which is peculiar if you know AutoCAD was developed for (multi-user) Unix in the first place. So without checking, a user needed to ask his colleagues if they had opened file X. In a later stage, we added a LISP routine to acad.lsp (which was loaded with every drawing) to write out a check file. In later AutoCAD versions, this was ‘resolved’ by Autodesk by doing pretty much the same thing as we did – write a .dwl check file. Apparently, this file isn’t created using SharePoint / Onedrive? Weird… In this particular case, Autodesk has a KB article on how to use SharePoint / OneDrive.

      More on-topic, we’ve been planning a cloud-move for years now. Pretty straight-forward for Office application, but on the AEC front not so. Autodesk has it’s own Cloud solution, ACC. But stil advice having an on-premise server as well. We haven’t made the move yet….

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      Linux servers are still working great for me.

      If I need Windows for anything, a firewalled VM does the trick (until I can port whatever dependency to native Linux)

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      For those homers sticking to the tarmac with Server 2012/ 2012 R2,
      0patch is a far more cost effective solution over the microsoft annually incremental ransomware costs for ESU.

      Plus, the 0patch option allows the system admin(s) a low cost time-pending solution, so that they can think about hardware/ software solutions going forward, whilst continuing business as usual without incurring MSFT ESU costs for that year or running into the doubling consecutive year and then the ridiculous cost of a third year..

      No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT- AE
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        If you are in a profession that is regulated and deals with customers-this is not an option. Make sure you are aware of your industry mandates. I discussed 0patch in the article.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      We’re planning to move entirely to the Azure cloud, with Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop. Instead of deploying a Windows Server VM, we’re looking at just Azure Active Directory Domain Services, along with Azure Files SMB for storage, and Azure SQL. The challenge is to make sure all our local Apps will cooperate with this move, and to make sure the monthly costs don’t get out of hand. Not having to rely on, and maintain, local servers would really be nice.

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