• Realtek LAN Error 10 issue with KB4515384 and KB4524147

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    Hi All,

    The subject says it all. With both the September and October 1903 Cumulative Updates (KB4515384 and KB4524147) once installed and rebooted my Realtek LAN adapter driver is no longer functional and presents an Error 10 message in Device Manager.

    Prior to the install of the CU the Realtek LAN adapter was working perfectly.

    Additionally is these cumulative updates may also disable the ASMedia USB 3.10 adapter. This driver is supplied by Microsoft via MU 🙄

    During the installation of these updates I also occasionally (not always) receive a BSOD of the form Bug Check 0x9F: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. No driver name is specified in the BSOD event log.

    This is a relatively new Ryzen 3600 based PC with an MSI B450 motherboard with a relatively recent installation of Windows 10 1903 so I doubt there is a any old or abandoned software installed which might be causing these issues.

    At the moment I’m manually disabling these updates as they cause issues and hoping that either Windows 10 Pro 1909 or a future cumulative update will resolve these issues.

    If anyone has any theories as to what is causing these CU issues or a workaround please do let me know! 😀

    Kind Regards

    Simon Zerafa
    Simon’s PC Services

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      Have you updated the Realtek drivers – preferably from the computer manufacturer? This may help.

      FYI:  KB4524147, although it has an October 3 date, is actually a September Out-of-Band CU. The October v1903 CU is 2019-10 Cumulative Update for Win10 v1903 KB4517389.
      Have you tried rolling back the CUs you installed that caused the problem to see if the problem goes away? If it does, I would recommend updating the Realtek drivers then trying the October update in a week or two (giving time to see if it is also causing the same problem).
      You will also need the latest Servicing Stack KB4521863 if you are doing a manual install. If you are using Windows Update, it will be installed automatically with the CU.

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      try updating the Realtek LAN drivers thru Realtek’s web site (latest version for Win10 is v10.036.0701.2019):


      weird thing is that you need to provide a valid email address before Realtek allows downloading the actual LAN drivers from their web site

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      Hi All,

      Just had to reinstall Windows 10 Pro 1903 from scratch as my Audio and Video were experiencing issues after attempting to uninstall the latest CU (again).

      I do have the Realtek direct drivers installed (currently v 10.36.701.2019) and this doesn’t seem to be resolving the Error 10 issue.

      While reinstalling Windows 10 I decided to test the recent 1903 v2 .ISO (September 2019) for a clean install and the issues with the Realtek LAN adaptor appear during the OS setup process!

      I was offline during the OS install so no facilities for configuring anything online and once in the desktop I was completely offline with the same Error 10 symptoms.

      Whatever this problem is its baked into that .ISO and the CU’s for September and October 🤷‍♂️

      Kind Regards

      Simon Zerafa

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        Have you installed KB4517389 (and KB4521863 only if installing manually)?

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      Hi PK,

      KB4517389 is also one of the problem updates! When ever this is installed also then Ethernet networking breaks with the Error 10 issues again.

      It also affects the drivers for my ASMedia USB 3.1 ports but that’s not so critical as loosing LAN and Internet connectivity.

      Kind Regards

      Simon Zerafa

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      Just to record that the Error 10 issues with the Realtek GB LAN Adapter on my motherboard have returned with KB 4522355.

      No obvious fix so far and I now have a Realtek USB WiFi Adapter installed so I am not disconnected from my LAN with every Cumulative Update 😒🤷‍♂️

      Kind Regards

      Simon Zerafa

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      Is there a list of affected controllers?  I have a fairly new HP Omen 1903 64-bit Home 18362.329 last updated 9/9/2019.  September and October updates still on hold.

      It has a “Realtek Gaming GbE Family Controller” listed under “Network Adapters” in Device Manager.  Does anyone know if this is one of the affected controllers?

      It also has an “Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 160MHz”, which sounds more like something that would control Wi-fi, but I’d rather err on the side of caution.

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      Hi All,

      The solution to the Error 10 issues with Ethernet adapters appears to be a combination of a Windows CU fix from August onwards and a UEFI option.

      If your UEFI settings have an option for “Above 4G decoding/crypto mining” or similar then ensure it’s disabled.

      This also assumes that you are using UEFI booting as most modern PC’s really should be especially with modern CPU’s and Windows 10.

      I’ve had issues since the September CU although it’s possible the MS issue was introduced with the August CU:


      The fix relates to “Increases the number of supported interrupts per device to 512 on systems that have x2APIC enabled.” which really shouldn’t affect single physical CPU systems but may affect systems with AMD Ryzen CPU’s. Maybe.

      I’ve seen reports of various AMD based systems being affected with B450 and X470 chipsets and Realtek 8811H and Intel I211 Ethernet Adapters onboard. It seems that the UEFI code developers need to work on a fix as well as Microsoft needing to test their patch code much more thoroughly.

      If you’ve been affected as I have for months with this issue then check to see if that UEFI option or something similar is enabled and disable it.

      Kind Regards

      Simon Zerafa


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        How about that!

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          I guess that means updating the Realtek LAN drivers to the latest version alone does not resolve the error 10 problems

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