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    My folder list has two sections: one titled Outlook and one titled my user name@verizon.net. My understanding is the first are folders located on my PC, while the second are folders on the AOL server where the verizon.net domain is located. I’m trying to rearrange the folders for the second. I am able to rearrange them, but after I log out and back on, the arrangement has reverted to the original, unwanted sequence. Is there any way to permanently change these?



    D. Eager

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      Via the pre (Windows 10/11) Control Panel >Mail (Microsoft Outlook) and look at the Profile in use.

      Maybe it’s the order that the individual email accounts appear in the Profile??

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      My guess is you’re mail account is connected via IMAP. If you go to the e-mail account settings in Outlook (rightclick on the e-mail folder), it should show you whether you’re using IMAP or POP/SMTP.

      AFAIK, IMAP syncs everything between Outlook and your mail provider, including folders. Should work both ways, though. Maybe check your IMAP settings (both in Outlook and Verizon online).

      I use POP, which just downloads your mails into Outlook on your computer. There you can do whatever you want with the mails and folders, regardless of what your e-mail at Verizon looks like.

      Hope that helps.


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      Outlook should remember your folder arrangement even with IMAP….mine does. Just be sure to never use the Sort SubFolders A to Z selection to alphabetize your subfolders as this will negate any folder arranging you did. Also click the Send/Receive to all folders icon  in the top left corner of Outlook after arranging your folders. This makes the Exchange server sync the folder settings.

      BTW: You can download your emails with both POP and IMAP.

      HTH, Dana:))

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      Sorry, but the last suggestion was tried and failed. I rearranged the folders in the IMAP section of the folder list first by drag and drop. Clicked Send/Receive All Folders and closed Outlook. Re-started Outlook and my changes were gone. Tried the same process using the Move Up/Down arrows. Same result. Sort Subfolders A to Z is and has beenOFF.

      OK. Here’s the whole story. While in the middle of an Alaska trip, I started having issues with Outlook, not being able to receive or send email. Always got “Send/Receive” error. The error was that the server didn’t accept the encryption method, which I hadn’t changed in a few years and previously worked fine. Contacted Tech Support at AoL, which is the provider for verizon.net since they bought them out. They fooled around with some settings but couldn’t fix the problem. I eventually corrected all the server settings back to those that previously worked and got receive fixed. Sending was still inoperative with a different error message that I’m afraid I do not recall.  Contacted AoL again, who was finally able to get send and receive to work by changing Incoming to IMAP from POP.  Outgoing remained STMP throughout the process.

      I need somemore suggestions. I was quite satisified the way Outook worked using POP, but am afraid to change the setting back from IMAP in case it makes things worse.

      D. Eager

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        AOL requires the use of an app password. Could that have been your initial issue with POP?

        Never Say Never

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          Thanks for your input. However, I don’t think the problem lies with the Outlook password used to log into AoL.com. They set up the password that I used for months witout issues. During the two troubleshooting sessions lately with them, they changed it twice and I was able to logon and receive messages all along, since I fixed other settings, just couldn’t send. Anyway, I am unable to see the passwords they created as they show as all *.

          I’m tempted to reset my account from IMAP back to POP and see what happens. I really dislike using IMAP as it is sooo slow and is constantly sycchronizing folders, in addition to this folder sequencing problem. I don’t believe that I need any of the “advantages” offerred by IMAP as far as I can see.

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            @doneager I forgot I have an aoheck acct and just logged into it. If you like, I will set it up (or try to) in Outlook 2021 as POP and let you know how I fare. May take a little time as I have some website updates going on right now.

            Never Say Never

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              Sure, give it a shot! Two differences that might cause diferent results: I have Outlook 2019 and my email account is with verizon.net and not aol.com. AOL bought out Verizon’s email some years ago and started servicing their prior accounts.

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              OK! Just setup my old aoheck account (free) in Outlook 2021 as POP. Tried without setting an app password and of course didn’t work. Created an app password and replaced the password in Outlook with it. I am sending and receiving fine. BTW I set it up manually not with the Outlook “wizard”.

              I didn’t know I won a Ninja Kitchen set 3 years ago! 🙂 Shoulda been checking that account! Also seems I have a rich uncle that died and left me money. I’ll find out shortly 🙂

              I see that verizon utlizes different setting for mail servers than aol. The settings are listed here:


              Never Say Never

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              The settings in the link you provided match exactly the settings that were in use before AOL switched them to IMAP and the ones now in use. So, it appears that the problem lies elsewhere.

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              I have set it up on client machines with Outlook 2016 so I can’t imagine 2019 is going to be much different. Don’t have any experience with verizon/aol.

              Never Say Never

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      Hopefully this will help with setting it up. I always do it manually. These settings are for aol not verizon


      Never Say Never

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