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    I need a reasonably priced eMail host to replace PAYH [Pay As You Host] a UK operation that is closing its hosting service.
    I have a name registered eg. myname.com
    What I need is a simple IMAP mail hosting facility for family use to service 3 or 4 addresses such as aaa@myname.com bbb@myname.com
    total storage need is about 200Meg
    monthly data usage is about 400Meg
    a personal family application not a business.
    I find the various supply offerings most confusing.
    – a cheap introductory deal confuses the issue
    – offers seem to be them selling you a new address or concatenating your address on theirs
    – hidden extras for additional email addresses, spam filtering etc.
    – etc

    Thoughts and guidance greatly appreciated.

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      I use my own domain on Fastmail. IMAP or web interface, or both.

      cheers, Paul

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        I use my own domain on Fastmail. IMAP or web interface, or both.

        cheers, Paul

        Hi Paul thanks for your comment.

        FastMail Lite $10/yr or Full $20/yr seem reasonable, their screen says I need Enhanced $40/yr to use my domain name, is this so?

        Other reasonable sites for simple Mail hosting seem to be
        1&1 Instant Mail £12/pa for 5 address accounts and 2G storage.
        Namecheap Private package is $10/yr for 1 mailbox POP3/IMAP with 3 GB disk space & 1GB file storage. Extra mailboxes $2.98/yr.

        I am confused by the lack of detail on most of the offerings, and distrust the hard sell/ cheap intro tactics.


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      I’m with TSOHost https://www.tsohost.com/, which I moved to when I stopped using PlusNet’s free hosting. I have the GBP 14.99 p.a. Lite Hosting, which gives me web hosting and email (with IMAP and web frontend) for two domains. I also use them as registrar for my domains as their fees are very reasonable. I’ve been very happy with the service I get. I originally saw them recommended by several knowledgeable people on PlusNet’s User Forums.

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      I pay less than the current $40 rate because I’m a (very) old customer, but you are correct. One of the nice things they have are one time passwords so you can log on using a web kiosk or other untrusted device. You can also use the space for file storage.

      cheers, Paul

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      My Domain Hosting service provides E-Mail using SmarterMail by SmarterTools. I use it both as Webmail [from anywhere any computer] and as IMAP with an installed E-Mail Client.
      My hosting service charges $10 per month for each E-Mail Address which is for SPAM filtering, good service as I rarely get any problems.

      Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"
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      Hi Graeme,

      I have been using http://1and1.co.uk for both email and domain registration for the past 8 years without problem.

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      $10 per month is too much IMO – that’s business account pricing.

      cheers, Paul

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