• Recommend software to copy DVD or CD?


    I need to make copies of DVDs and CDs. They include data disks, video and music disks. They are all homemade (no copy protection). I can find paid solutions such a Roxio and Nero but not free or low cost solutions. Any suggestions?


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      ImgBurn seems to be one of the freeware favorites. I’ve used it and it works just fine for me. HTH :cheers:

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      I’ll second Imgburn.



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      Ya, just be careful when installing it, choose custom install the two times it is presented and untic (decline) the extras it will install otherwise.

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      Another good one is http://cdburnerxp.se/download

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        I used to use Nero; but the version I liked (6, I think it was) wouldn’t work since I upgraded to Windows 7.

        When I recently had to duplicate a video DVD and burn a few audio CDs, I found InfraRecorder was straightforward and did the job without fuss. I use the PortableApps version which means you can carry it around on a USB stick or drive and use it on any Windows machine that’s handy.

        I hardly ever use optical media for data any more, except occasionally writing a Linux ISO to CD for use on a machine that won’t boot from a USB stick, but InfraRecorder can do that too.

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        Another good one is http://cdburnerxp.se/download

        I second that. It is a bit like very early versions of Nero, 4 or 5, so is simple and just gets the job done. I have been using it on XP, W7, W8 & W8.1. Simple fast and no fuss.

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      Whilst I agree with the recommendations above, for anyone wanting most of the options of a full blown commercial burner, try Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE 2013 11.0.6
      In my opinion, the current paid for version ‘Ashampoo 14 Burning Studio’, now outclasses Nero but, for most users, Ashampoo 2013 (the free version) will do virtually everything you could wish for and is very easy to use.

      Once again, make sure you go for the custom install and untick any boxes for toolbars etc. Once installed, also have a click around the settings to reduce any nagging from their website. You’ll then have to register an email address with Ashampoo to get a free key. Ashampoo will send you emails on their other software – but just read one of the emails and find the unsubscribe option, which does work because all European companies have to honour that by law.

      Cheers, Chris

      Download link: http://www.softpedia.com/dyn-postdownload.php?p=98129&t=5&i=1

      Some key features of Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE:

      Burn data on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs
      Burn data CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray Discs with or without auto-start functionality
      Update previously burned discs
      Burn backups of data on one or more CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs
      Burn music as audio CD, mp3 or wma collection
      Burn Blu-ray Discs with videos in HD and Full HD format from already existing files
      Create modified copies of already existing discs
      Create and burn disc images
      Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
      Erase re-writable discs
      Rip music titles of different music formats from CD
      Design and print covers, labels and booklets

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      ImgBurn is immensely powerful and very configurable, probably more so than most or all commercial programs on both counts. But it has no inbuilt help, so you’ll have to find tutorials initially (there are a few out there). If you’re not prepared for that learning curve, better use something else.

      Just for the record, if you want to back up your commercial movie DVD’s, you can do it with nothing but ImgBurn and a DVD/CD copy protection breaking program by SlySoft called AnyDVD:

      With this combo and nothing else (SlySoft’s CloneDVD is not required), you can copy almost all DVD’s and BluRay disks, also removing those stupid protections that stop you fast-forwarding through promos at the start etc.. With the provisos that:

        [*]A very small number of optical disk drive makes and models won’t work with AnyDVD – the aptly named Matshita is one such brand. But if your internal drive won’t do the job, you can cheaply buy an external drive which will.
        [*]There’s a new copy protection called Cinavia which hasn’t been fully cracked by anyone. A list of known affected titles is kept at http://blog.dvdfab.com/cinavia-protection.html
        [*]Sometimes new non-Cinavia-protected BluRay disks can only be copied after a new non-Cinavia protection is cracked, which might take a couple of weeks after release.

      AnyDVD is updated frequently to crack new copy protections. It isn’t cheap, but is I believe worth every cent I paid for a lifetime license. I back up all my new DVD’s and have been saved a few times after an expensive original disk got damaged (and new replacements aren’t always even available).

      SlySoft have a FAQ and a very good forum, and provide a free trial version of AnyDVD.

      I’m not associated with he company, just sharing details of a product I’m very pleased with (which was actually misreported at one time in the Windows Secrets newsletter).

      Asus N53SM & N53SN 64-bit laptops (Win7 Pro & Win10 Pro 64-bit multiboots), venerable HP Pavilion t760 32-bit desktop (XP & Win7 Pro multiboot), Oracle VirtualBox VM's: XP & Win7 32-bit, XP Mode, aged Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019s (8" & 10.1"), Blu-ray burners, digital cameras, ext. HDDs (latest 5TB!), AnyDVD, Easeus ToDo Backup Home, Waterfox, more. Me: Aussie card-carrying Windows geek.

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      In the USA things are confusing because in spite of there being multiple court rulings saying that you can make a backup of legally obtained digital works the stupid DMCA law which says you can’t break copy protection has also been upheld in multiple court rulings. Thus it should be noted that using the software you propose (SlySoft AnyDVD) may not be legal in certain parts of the world. :cheers:

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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