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    I have not seen this posted here. Apologies if it has been answered.

    A friend wants to know if it is possible to calculate the amount of space gained when he deletes items from the recycle bin. He has tried ‘select all’ and select a set amount of files but it does not show how many kb’s in total would be reclaimed if he permanently deleted these files.

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      If “Show status bar” is enabled in the View tab of Folder options, then Recycle Bin shows the total size of all selected items at bottom left:


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        Thanks for your reply. However, if you select more than two items then the ‘Total Size’ is not displayed. this only seems to happen in the Recycled Bin.Screenshot-2024-02-24-144433

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          Not for me:


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            This is my screen after selecting 4 items. Strange, but it only happens in recycle bin

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              I think that only happens if a folder is included in the selected items (even if it’s 0KB anyway!). If folder(s) are unselected the total size of selected files reappears.

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            Windows 11 Home 23H2  OS build 22631.3155

            Dell XPS17 9710 64gb Memory

            To me, it seems a bit quirky.  My Recycle Bin currently has 757 files.

            If I open the Recycle Bin and select 1 file, it shows file size.  If (while holding CTRL down) I keep selecting additional files, the total file size shown increases and is shown.  Seems to be no limit to the number of selected files as long as they are selected one by one (with CTRL held).  That is, I can replicate the result @b found if I mark files one by one.

            However, if I select a group of files in the Bin as a batch, only the number of files is shown, not file size.  This seems to be true if I select all files (CTRL-A) or if I mark a number of files but not all.

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      Thanks guys. I now find that I can batch select single files and the total size is shown, but as @b mentions this does not work for folders. And I have now discovered this is the same as other folders.

      Problem (which was not really a problem) solved!

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