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    Does anyone know of a free software to remove watermarks or logos from a video?

    Many thanks.

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      One of the forum rules (no. 10) is that “Posts must respect copyrights & trademarks” so, before anyone replies with suggestions, more info about the video content is needed so that rule isn’t inadvertently breached.

      Hope this helps…

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      It is a video with subtitles that I made and have inadvertently deleted the original. So I want to blur and add other subtitles in another language.

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      I haven’t used them myself but see the following are available:

      OpenShot – free, full-featured and apparently with tools to remove unwanted artefacts. Appears to have a bit of a learning curve.

      Olive Video Editor – As above but simpler user interface. I note comments that it’s not particularly intuitive and, perhaps of more interest, that encoding is not as efficient as other video editing tools. However, a new version is apparently due out soon.

      Also, have a look at this The 4 Best Free Video Watermark Removal Services Online article.

      Hope this helps…


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      Are the subtitles actually “burned in” to the video track (they always display) or are they a separate subtitle track (they can be turned on/off)?

      If they’re a separate “track” (which is what I always use just for this reason), you can easily replace them with alternate language subtitles without even needing to re-encode the whole video (personally, I use ffmpeg for this.)

      If they’re “burned in” you’ll need to re-encode the video to replace them but, instead of blurring the old ones out, set the new ones with a “colored background” large enough to cover the old ones.

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      If they’re burned in, then they are permanent. All you can do is resize the video (expand) to make the subtitles disappear beyond the frame or blur them. There is no other alternative.

      There are several software applications that you can do this with. And I’m sure that you’ll find the process on youtube if you query it.

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      Yes, but they are very high and they would remove a lot of image.

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        Too bad.  You could blur them.  Check YouTube for some ways to blur.  Basically you are applying a mask with a maybe Gaussian blur.  You’ll likely have to find software to do that. There is nothing else you can do.

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