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    From @mazzinia Possible bug report post patches installation : Outlook 2010 went unresponsive once when trying to open an email with inside lets say a
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      This might not be a patch issue.  Over the past couple months I’ve seen Outlook hang for some users on external content.  Something akin to this:

      Recently I’ve seen it hang when trying to reply to email more often, but simply opening an email still causes a hang from time to time.  Waiting a minute doesn’t work either.  Best way around this is to use OWA if you’re on an Exchange server to either delete or handle replies.

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      I don’t use Outlook 2010 even though it is part of my Office 2010.  Should I still install it?

      I’m thinking to wait on all updates to see if they make any corrections (wishful thinking).  Now this.  What a mess!

      Being 20 something in the 70's was much more fun than being 70 something in the 20's.
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      Try  enabling the custom form of your addin provider. Details on to do  this can be found here.


      I had to do it at to get the addin from another vendor to work.

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      My bad,

      win7 , and yes, I installed KB4011273 before experiencing this ( office 32-bit ) ( I didn’t launch outlook before applying the security only windows patches, and the office/.net patches ).

      I can say that I didn’t experience this kind of situation previously

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      Have patched, and noticed that creating a new email/replying in Outlook 2010 first time after starting often has a 7 sec delay.

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      G’day Woody and Helpers, after a lot of thought I finally downloaded and installed the January offerings from MS – 3 in total for my old but totally functional Windows 7 desktop. I was sweating bullets.  So far all seems well.  This monthly update is becomming way too much for my poor 70+ year-old brain.  It has become a nonsense.

      What is the alternative?  Apple?  Google?   I am akin to the half empty glass.  Half computer literate and half illiterate.  Using a computer should not be so onerous. Woody I know your liking for Chrome Books and these are just starting to appear on the Thai market.  Alas full of useless Google tomfoolery.  All I need is a computer with a functional operating system. Hence my current old Windows 7 beast.

      Any suggestions will be gratefuly accepted.

      Finally, I appreciate your fantastic work on Windows.  How do you keep it up?  That’s a computer question!!

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        To Cee Arr –

        Another popular, fully functional, windows user friendly, modern operating system people are turning to is Linux Mint.  I have the Cinnamon GUI and it’s relatively easy to use, comes with Libre Office, VLC, and other nice things.  If your 70+ year old brain can still do Windows 7, you should be able to adjust to Linux Mint.

        You can get it in both 32 and 64 bit versions, and on a CD or DVD so it’s easy to install.  This is just a suggestion since I’m getting into it using an older computer.  Good luck!

        Being 20 something in the 70's was much more fun than being 70 something in the 20's.
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      I have not had that specific problem after the patch, but for me Outlook 2010 has slowly become useless for any email from sites that have external content, usally images, in the email. Example catalog updates and flyers. I could enable remote content, but have not due to spam and instead use Mozilla Thunderbird for those emails.

      I had to make the POP3 server setting to not delete emails after downloading. I do a manual delete of the emails from the server using my iPhone (IMAP) each day or by logging into the ISP webmail application if there are many emails.

      I am trying to wean myself off the Outlook since when I abandon Windows the extreme convenience of the proprietary Outlook.pst file will be gone. The Thunderbird profile feature and its cross platform utility is a big plus to it way balance out.

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