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    Two days ago, Microsoft (re?) released a bunch of patches for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8. Now comes word from Günter Born that they’re breaking
    [See the full post at: Report: The new .NET updates break Veritas Backup Exec]

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      Most of my maintenance software is Windows related; it seems third-party software is increasingly damaged by Microsoft patches.

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        I hear ya.

        I’m particularly concerned because reports like this have a nasty habit of mushrooming. People don’t realize that their software was hosed by a patch until weeks or months after the patch is released.

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      Wouldn’t it be nice if MS could focus on fixing their OS instead of wasting so many resources on software packages which are already managed better by others?

      Notepad, is just one example. I could go on and on listing software from third parties which is much better. MS is spread so thin that they can no longer operate efficiently. They have lost focus. Their upper management is a real mess.

      Byte me!

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      .NET 3.5 didn’t had any new fixes or patches, they are just merged with 4.x branch

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      Regarding the Aug. .Net update KB 4486153, which is not recommended to install. I noticed that I’m now being offered KB 4512192, a new cumulative update to .Net which includes 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8. If I don’t install 4.8, how is this going to impact my decision not to install 4.8? If 4.8 is not installed, will this break the install or fail to update the other .Net versions ? Should I hide both updates ?

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        The .NET Rollups consist of a bundle of updates, one for each version of .NET.
        The KB number for each of the individual updates is different than the bundle KB number.

        When you install the .NET Rollup through Windows Update, WU looks at which version(s) of .NET are installed on your computer and installs the appropriate individual update(s). If you do not have a version installed, the update for that version is not installed.

        If you try to install a .NET Rollup manually, on the other hand, you have to know what version(s) is installed and install the individual updates accordingly.

        So, to answer your question, best to install .NET through WU, as it will install what you need and not install what you do not need.

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          So ,is the recommendation to not install 4.8 still valid and if I understand correctly , go ahead with the cumulative  updates to .Net when Woody gives the okay ?

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            I have not been installing .NET 4.8 on Win7/8.1 yet.
            I have not dealt with it on Win10, but it is installed with v1903 as part of the v1903 install.

            Rule of thumb:
            Install CUs and .NET Rollups from Patch Tues. when Woody gives the go-ahead. They are considered Security updates.
            Anything else issued later in the month (or before Patch Tues of the next month, considering MS’s inability to release patches on a schedule) as a Preview for testing purposes (such as IT Dept with a bunch of PC and they can sacrifice a few for test)

            Unless it is a hotfix for something MS broke and you have to have.

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      Kb4486153 would also seem to break some applications using Prism Library. Still checking things though.

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      I noticed that the .NET update for 1903 is not listed.  KB4511555.
      Is this particular update not problematic?  I’ve blocked it with wushowhide for now.

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      Just confirming this seems to affect Backup Exec going back to version 15.

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