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    help I have 2 desk tops, one a W2K machine with a built in (came with the machine) Network card (NIC). The other is a Dell Dimension XPS R450. I installed a network card in this machine (R450), followed all the directions, at least I thought I was, and after everything appears to install okay, the machine has to be restarted. When it is restarted, I get an error message “Resource Conflict – PCI Network Controller Bus:00, Device: 0F, Function 00”. frown I tried removing and reinstalling the NIC, to no avail. frown frown So my question is what do I do from here? What conflict do I have to resolve and how do I do it. The machine is running Windows 98 SR2. Any insight that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. smile

    Ron M

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      >I tried removing and reinstalling the NIC

      I’ll bet you installed it to the same socket, right?

      Some Dells need the NIC installed to a specific PCI socket – try moving it.

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        Thanks for the suggestion. So I moved it to the only other slot available, and now I cannot even get it to install. Even the “Plug and Play” does not recognize it. When I try and do a manual install, I cannot get it to recognize the model from the manufacturer’s installation disk. So now I am at my wits end. I do not even know who to call frown frown hairout

        Ron M

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      Here is the best bet. Remove the NIC. Reboot the machine. Uninstall the NIC software. Shutdown the computer. Restart the computer and make sure evrthing is fine. Shutdown and reinstall the NIC. Have the CD or Floppy handy.

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        Thanks for all the suggestions. Just to finish this story off…somewhere along the way, the card was meltdown toasted…so lightbulb replace with new card and proceed from there. Will get new card and maybe the resource conflict occurred because the card was toast hairout. smile smile smile

        Ron M

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