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    Whenever I have to restart Win 10 the restart screen spinning dots carry on spinning for hours unless I use the power button to shut down and then reboot.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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      Delays in restarting are often because the PC is waiting for a device or service to respond. Check for networked devices that are not present. Before you restart use Task Manager to see if something is using resources.



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      Try disabling everything in Startup and see if you can restart.


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      Jerry, I disabled everything in Startup, but it made no difference.

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      Drew, I used Easy BCD to create my triple boot sequence. Win 7 is the default OS, followed by Win 8.1, then Win 10 Tech Preview. Furthermore, I use ireboot (which is made by the Easy BCD developer) to choose which OS I wish to boot to the next time I reboot. Unfortunately ireboot does not work in Win 10, but that shouldn’t make any difference because if I restart from Win 10 (or from Win 7 or 8.1 if I don’t use ireboot) I get the choice of which OS to boot to, and they are listed in the order I mentioned.

      “Spinning for hours” when I choose to restart from Win 10 means just that. On one occasion I left the “Restarting”screen running overnight, and when I checked next morning the screen showed the same message.

      When I boot Win 7 it takes around 40 seconds before my desktop icons are fully loaded. Win 8.1 takes about 75 seconds. (7and 8.1 are installed on separate internal SSDs). Win 10 also takes around 75 seconds. (Win 10 is installed on an internal Hard Drive, not a VM).

      Win 7 shuts down in around 6 seconds, Win 8.1 takes slightly longer.

      The problem with choosing to restart from within Win 10 remains, as I said before I have to use the power button to shut it down, and apart from the inconvenience, and not knowing what the cause is, I am concerned about what will happen when I install Windows Updates later today, i.e. the usual “configuring Windows Updates” screen will open, and get to 30% complete, as it normally does, but when Windows says the system needs to be restarted the only way I can do it is by shutting down from the power button, so I have no idea whether the configuration of Windows Updates will continue when I reboot to Win 10.

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      Drew, I will try Startup Repair on Win 10 and will report back.

      I have 8GB of RAM, and it’s all usable as my system is 64 bit.

      The update problem has gone away, for this patch Tuesday at least, as there were none that concerned my PC.

      Regards, Roy

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      Restarting from Win 10 is much quicker now (since starting this thread I have updated to Build 9879), but booting and rebooting in Win 10 is still much slower than with Win 8.1, which in turn is slower than Win 7.

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      Drew, Win 7 was installed first, followed by Win 8 which was updated to 8.1, and Win 10 last, now on build 9879.

      The CPU & RAM are shown in my signature.

      By the way the following link shows that there is a fix coming soon for build 9879:


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