• Right-click not working in IE9


    I’m running IE9 on W7x64, and I can’t get any response when I right click to download a pic, or ‘Save Target As’.

    I’ve checked all the internet options advanced tab items, but I can’t see anything relevant.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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      If this is a recent occurrence, have you tried a system restore to a time when all was working correctly?



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      Go back to the;Internet Options Advance tab.Then click on Reset.

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      Thanks chowur.

      When I reset it put the security settings back to standard, with no resulting benefit for my problem.

      The links you give refer to IE7 and IE8 or basically recomend reinstalling, which I was coming round to anyway, but was hoping to avoid.

      I might also mention that I dual boot with Vista, on which ‘right click’ (in IE9) works perfectly, so I would rule out any hardware issues.

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      Well I uninstalled IE9, which restores IE8. Checked and found right click doesn’t work there either!

      I’ve reinstalled IE9 (Windows update pestered me to), so I’m back to square one, and out of ideas.

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      A repair install on Windows may be in order.



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      I would try the repair install from within Win 7. Insert the Win 7 DVD, and when asked, choose Repair. You might have to reinstall some updates. If you already have SP1 installed, you can download the Win 7 iso file with SP1 included.

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      Thanks, guys.

      I’m downloading the ISO now, does a repair install leave all the installed software and windows settings untouched, or will I have to do some more work?

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      Generally the repair install leaves your customization’s, installed S/W, etc. intact and just works on the system files. You might need to re-install some updates.

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      Perhaps I’m missing the obvious, but I can’t locate a repair option, other than ‘Start up’ repair.

      I tried a custom install, but it loaded a fresh copy of Win7, which I was trying to avoid, so I restored my original from an Acronis image.

      How do I carry out a repair install of the type you describe?

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      You have to initiate the install from within Windows 7 and then choose upgrade.


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      This is becoming a nightmare!

      I successfully carried out the upgrade [a long job], then found I had lost my network connector, it shows in ‘Device Manager’ with ‘This device cannot start. (Code 10)’.
      I’ve tried updating the driver, uninstalling it and restarting, all to no avail, so I can’t run IE to check if the original problem is solved.

      Any suggestions would be welcome.


      I found an old driver file that had an install.exe – this restored my connectivity.

      I then found that RightClick still did not work in IE8 or IE9.

      My hunch is it’s a registry problem, but I don’t have the knowledge to deal with that. I’ve now gone back to my saved image [to save downloading 48 updates]

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      Alex, are you experiencing this on a number of different websites? Web pages/sites can block right-click from working if they want to. If you only visit a small number of sites, there’s a tiny chance you’ve been unlucky. Try the BBC…
      …for example, they don’t block.

      I can’t … ‘Save Target As’

      That’s greyed out for me too, I assume you noticed ‘Save Picture As’ below it.

      Alienware Aurora R6; Win10 Home x64 1803; Office 365 x32
      i7-7700; GeForce GTX 1060; 16GB DDR4 2400; 1TB SSD, 256GB SSD, 4TB HD

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      Thanks, Mike, but I don’t get any response to a right click in the main screen (it works OK for menu bar etc items at the top).

      I have tried in Vista, which I dual boot with, with no problems whatever.

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