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    I have a weird problem. I usually send my resume out in RTF format as I never know what version of Word someone is running. I sent it the other day and the receiver said it was garbled. I resent it, same problem. I resent it as a DOC file and it looked OK. The file displays correctly on my system in either format.

    I’m worried that some people I have sent it to, may not have been able to read it and didn’t let me know. I’ve attached a screen shot of a portion that the person captured for me. Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?

    I’ve also noticed that if I do a clipboard copy of the DOC file and paste it into a new file, then save it as an RTF file that SOME (not all) of the fonts get changed form Times New Roman to Arial. Don’t know if this means anything or is a bug.


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      Perhaps you could impose on the recipient to tell you (1) what version of Word, and (2) try checking the box at Tools, Options, General to confirm conversions at Open, and open it and see if Word is failing to detect it as RTF. This doesn’t really tell you whether the problem is with their import filter, your export filter, or the document, but at least you would be down to 3 things to think about. I think.

      You also could post your resume here and let various people see if they can open it without garblage.

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      Arial is the font shipped with Word ‘right out of the box’ so if your resume is based on normal style it will pick up the Arial font on the receiving end if they have not customized their ‘nomal.dot’; if ‘auto format’ features enabled could also be a factor.. But it would seem something else is going on here.. per jscher’s reply to you. On file open – [can’t remember exact language] – is the filter set to ‘recover/open files..any type’. Also m/be worth finding out which OS they are using.

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        Is it possible that this problem might occur because the person receiving doesn’t have the RTF converter installed?

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