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    I am using a pre-email filter called Spam Weasel to try to identify junk mail. What it does is get control first on email retrieves, runs through its rules and affixes a keyword (SPAM) to the front of subject. I then have a rule in Outlook that forces anything with SPAM in the subject to a junk folder. It’s a really simple rule that simply says that when a message arrives with SPAM in the subject field, move it to the JUNK folder.

    Intermittenly, I will get a message like this in its own message box:

    SPAM Cannot remove messages from the folder.

    When this happens, the rule gets turned off and the junk goes into my Inbox folder. I have not been able to discover what causes the rule to fail or why Outlook would turn off a rule on its own. Any ideas?

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      I’ve heard this occur with rules before. Sometimes, they just get hung up, I think. Particularly if you go opening emails before all the rules have had an opportunity to run (that’s when my *just don’t work right*). Make sure the folder you’re moving it to isn’t getting too big. PST files should NEVER go above 2GB.

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        BUT it shouldn’t happen. Remember, this is just a program, lines of code, written by someone. Some sort of error occurs and the rules engine @#$!% out without a real explanation as to why or what to do about it. Typical Microsoft!

        As to my .pst file, it’s only about 40mb. I rarely save mail with an attachment. Instead I save the attachement seperately and then delete the attachement before filing the mail. I’ll also convert most HTML mail that I save to text first, which uses less space. And of course, I only save mail I deem worth saving.

        Not too many Outlook users (Internet Only option) know that they have to regualrly compact their .PST files on their own, another Microsoft flub (why can’t this be automatic?). To compact, right click on the highest level in your .PST (usually xyz personal folders), click the ADVANCED button, then click the COMPACT NOW button.

        Lastly, people who have gb .PST’s are pack rats who can’t let go of anything .

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          Now that’s ripe !

          I used the word (without intervening *) c*raps in my last message and it got replace with @#$!%. By any standard of political correctness, c*rap isn’t a curse word! Let’s not go overboard people…

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