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    I recently set up a new Windows 11 computer and was able to use the recently posted workaround to avoid setting up a Microsoft account.

    This worked but then I found that S mode was the only option. This only allowed apps, well what I call programmes, to be downloaded from the Microsoft store. I found this had a limited range of options and was inadequate as it did not have a number of the free programmes that I recommend.

    I then found that to remove S mode you have to have a Microsoft account. This is a disgusting restraint of trade whatever any lawyer may say.

    The purpose of this rant is to call out Microsoft for this practice disguised as ‘security’ and to request that this practice is publicised and vilified. Even better would be a method to delete it without a Microsoft account.

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      With all due respect, the Apple iOS model is the same way.

      Retailers are (IMHO) dumping S mode on an unsuspecting public.  S mode is yet another failed model of Windows.  (Remember Windows RT?)

      Microsoft is no longer pushing S mode for consumers but still leaving it in the channel for schools, and other folks. Unfortunately the vendors are NOT telling you that you bought an S mode and if they do it’s in TINY little print.

      The good news is that you CAN opt out of it unlike Windows RT.  You can remove the Microsoft account after the fact.

      If the Microsoft store had a decent app model it actually would have been a more secure OS than Windows itself.  Alas, the store apps are less than ideal.

      Bottom line, sometimes you have to pick your battles and for this one at least you can move out of S mode.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        Appreciated the rapid reply and you putting S mode in context.

        I agree that it is an attempt to emulate Apple. I find that trying to get the naive who have bought Apple phones and hardware to understand that my small amount of Windows knowledge does not allow me to solve their problems and is stressful.

        I will now, as suggested, remove the Microsoft account.

        Many thanks, AskWoody is an important valued resource for people like me.


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      Do as I do. Throwaway MS account used for nothing else. Get out of S mode. Clean install with local account. Yep PITA but beats staying in S or with an MS account. Just my opinion

      Never Say Never

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      I bought a little Lenovo 11″ laptop last year which had Windows 10 “S mode” on it.

      I opened a Microsoft account, got out of S mode which converted the OS to Windows 10 Home and then I deleted the Microsoft account shortly thereafter.

      Ended up doing a clean install of Windows 10 Home from the downloaded ISO file not long after that… I wonder if that was all I needed to do in the first place?

      In other words – if I didn’t open a Microsoft account to get the laptop out of S mode and just did a clean install right from the start would the laptop still have been in S mode?

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        Not sure as I haven’t tried it but my understanding is once you get out of S mode it basically activates with the digital license thereafter. Supposedly you can’t go back to S mode after getting out. Hasn’t really been something I’ve wanted to spend time exploring as I have very few clients with Home versions and S mode is useless anyway IMHO.

        Never Say Never

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          Correct, it activates a full license

          It’s a one way trip, you cannot go back to S.

          So once you convert out, you can clean install, but you can’t do that from the get go.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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