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    WINDOWS By Josh Hendrickson Microsoft promised that Windows 11 would finally make using multiple monitors a better experience. But for every improveme
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      The solution to your wandering monitor problem may be a nifty program called Display Fusion.  I have been using it starting with Windows 7.  https://www.displayfusion.com/

      It easily handles multiple monitors (I have 6 monitors on both my WIN7 and WIN10 machines) and lets you handle multiple backgrounds with ease.  It lets you change screen resolution, split monitors into multiple windows, and much more.

      To force wayward programs back to the window size and position where they should be, I use another handy utility called WinSize2. https://sourceforge.net/projects/winsize2/

      After setting the size and position of the program window, CTRL-ALT-Z saves the window settings.  There’s a one button click available in the program that instantly resizes and repositions all windows as you originally positioned them.  It also can automatically pop the windows where you preset then as soon as you open the program for that window.

      These two handy utilities have made using multiple monitors a pleasure instead of the pain it used to be.

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        Hello and thanks for reading!
        I did specifically mention DisplayFusion however:

        All these problems can be fixed by using other tools, such as PowerToys (made by Microsoft) or DisplayFusion (a third-party tool). But I submit that if Windows worked correctly, you wouldn’t need additional software to fix core components of the OS.

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