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  • Samsung or AT&T following Microsoft?

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      Hey Y’all,

      Been pulling out what hair I have left over the update to Android 10 on our Samsung Note 9s (unlocked). I purchased these a little over a year ago (of course out of warranty) for my wife and me. They’ve been great phones until recently.

      Thursday Feb 6th, my phone got the update to Android 10 and every thing seemed to go as planned. However, on Friday I found out that I couldn’t make or receive calls, everything else worked including texting! So a trip to my provider, AT&T reseller, where they installed a new SIM card with the same results. Didn’t buy the phone from them so not really their problem.

      Contacted Samsung via Chat and a very helpful chap walked me through several things to try to solve the problem w/o success. Suggested I get the phone repaired and suggested a place 90 minutes away. It’s a long story but 5 days later I’m in their store and they boot the phone and it works! Of course I feel like a total nim-nol (those of a certain age will get that reference) even though I had rebooted, both soft and hard, several times.

      So 90 minutes back home and guess what the phone will no longer send/receive calls. Back to the provider. Another helpful lady says lets try the sim in another phone (Galaxy 7) and it works. So must be problem with phone can’t help you.

      I return home and start doing research on reverting to Android 9. I actually managed, after many hours, to get this to work and then spent many more hours, after restoring my data/apps backup, re-configuring app access for Mail, Google Authenticator, and TFA. I also turned off automatic update on both phones…

      Or so I thought! Last night my Wife’s phone updated anyway with the same result. Couldn’t deal with it then, I’d been setting up a new laptop for the wife, so I went to bed!

      Morning, Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary! Getting ready to tackle the phone when I notice a notification on my phone that an update is ready. Yep, Android 10!

      I’ve now discovered that via Developer Mode there is another way to turn 0ff Automatic Updates so I hope this one works.

      So guess what I’ll be doing today?


      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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      Today’s cell phones can use various frequencies and bands to make and receive calls. Perhaps your provider, AT&T, uses a contract with a small local owner of towers in your home area unbeknownst to the general public and their users. It’s possible that said local provider’s towers use older frequency bands that the update to Android 10 knocked out of your phones’ (yes, both phones) list of usable bands. That would explain why your phones don’t work at home but do work in the area surrounding the store that Samsung referred you to.

      Check out the following page at techwalls dot com. Scroll down the page till you’re almost halfway down. Since the list goes by country and carrier, that should put you near the listing for the frequency specs for your phone.

      Although the list seems quite extensive, it could be that the local cell tower operator for your home’s location has towers in certain popular bands and no other bands. The update to Android 10 could have removed the capability of your phones to use anything but these certain bands, thereby rendering your phones nearly useless, save for the texting you say you can still do.

      Although I’m no expert, perhaps the local operator uses certain towers/bands for calls only and certain other ones for texting traffic.

      Just a thought about why things might be happening strangely in your neck of the woods.

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      Hi RG!

      Same anon as above. I just had a thought, although you may have already had the same thought by now.

      With one phone updated to Android 10, and the other one not, try using the camera’s recording feature to record exactly what happens, start to finish, when you try making a call with the phone that’s updated to Android 10 when you’re at home. Both audio and video, and make sure to capture the audio from any system error messages you get. These little details will help those in an actual AT&T store (NOT an authorized reseller)  call their troubleshooting desk for help to get you on the road to connectivity again.

      BTW, when updated to Android 10, you’ve already said that you can send and receive texts, but do you have an actual data connection as well for 4G LTE, as you should with that phone? Again, the answer to this question is just another detail to help the troubleshooters fill in the gaps and give you the correct answer on how to fix things, or to be able to tell if THEY have to do something on their end as well to fix things.

      I specifically mentioned an actual AT&T store above, because in getting my own technical issues resolved recently with my cell carrier (no, it’s not AT&T), I got MUCH better help in the carrier’s actual store that was further from home than in the carrier’s authorized retailer’s store that’s literally just across the street from my place. The folks in the carrier’s actual store were more knowledgeable with their system than the reseller was, and seemed to be more willing to help.

      Smart phones should really should have their OS updated when the updates are released, as these updates include fixes for security holes that have been found and, in some cases, exploited. A recent one that comes to mind is a Bluetooth vulnerability that was just plugged by this month’s Android bug fixes released by Google.

      Stinks being between a rock and a hard place. Also stinks to leave your cell carrier if you’re otherwise very happy with them, but you may have no other choice (other than buying new phones already upgraded to Android 10 directly from AT&T (but you’re very likely not made of money)) in order to keep your cell service going.

      Although I’m not Garbo, I do hope this helps. 🙂

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