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  • Samsung SCX-4100 driver for Win 10

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        AskWoody Plus

        My SCX-4100 all-in-one (copier, printer, scanner) worked beautifully until I moved to a new system with Win10 20H2.  However, it appears that this device is not supported in Win 10.

        The SCX-4100 is turned on and when its USB cable is plugged into a port Win 10 seems to recognize the device.   However, closer inspection reveals that no driver was installed and the printer is not among the choices offered in notepad’s print menu.

        The official support site (hosted by HP) no longer has drivers for download.

        An internet search turns up lots of sites that offer SCX-4100 driver downloads for Win 10 but I have never used third-party drivers and don’t think its a good idea to start now.

        So I wonder if the SCX-4100 is obsolete in a Win 10 environment and I should simply purchase a new device?  It seems a pity to discard a device that is not broken or defective.


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        If you really want to get it up and running there’s a thread here on the Microsoft Answers site that has some guidance from a user who was able to the the same unit up and running on Windows 10. However, that info is from 2016 and 2017 mostly. Also, the OP in that thread admits the unit is obsolete in their opening sentence:

        …how to install the obsolete Samsung SCX-4100 Scanner/Printer under Windows 10…

        I added the emphasis in the quote above. Be sure to read down through the comments below the initial post for more guidance provided by others as well.

        I also found some specs from c/net regarding the printer, and it is only supposed to support Windows OSes through Windows XP, per the page here. Scroll down to either the heading in bold on the left side of the page labeled “Connections” (which lists the interface as parallel or USB and lists the OSes supported natively) or the heading in bold on the left side of the page labeled “Software” which lists the OSes supported natively as well as the software included with the unit when bought new.

        The list of supported OSes combined with the fact that it has a parallel port tells me that it is by today’s standard considered obsolete, so if you can’t get it up and running with the guidance found on the Microsoft Answers page in the first ink above, you may want to shop around for a new but equivalently capable unit.

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          AskWoody Plus

          There were official, supported drivers for Vista, Win7 and Win 8.1 but it seems that Win 10 is a non-permissive environment for this device.

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        AskWoody Plus

        I have an AIO Samsung CLX-3185FN and had the same windows 10 compatibility drivers problem.

        Found driver on HP site for printing.
        For scanning I use Windows 10 build-in Fax and Scan (WFS.exe)

        Look here : Samsung SCX-4100 Laser Multifunction Printer series

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          AskWoody Plus

          When I took a look at the HP site before I started this thread it seemed to me that the Samsung Easy Printer Manager was not a printer driver.  The description was “Easy Printer Manager provides a single access point which combines device settings configuration and status monitoring, toner ordering”.  I remember that on my old Vista system there were management programs for the SCX-4100 that were not the same as the printer driver.

          Am I mistaken?

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        AskWoody Plus

        Thanks for the link to the universal printer driver. Unfortunately, it’s a third party site so my search continues and ultimately may be in vain.

        You can find the driver on HP site.

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          AskWoody Plus

          On HP’s site I found the – there was no universal printer driver under the Samsung name.  The HP universal driver docs did not include my SCX-4100 among the Samsung printers that it supports.

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          AskWoody Plus

          I looked into HP’s downloads for Samsung SCX printer models other than my own (SCX-4021 & SCX-4220).  Interestingly, for these other models HP did offer a download for Samsung Universal Printer Driver 3 (V3.00.15.00:01, released 11/29/2019).

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            AskWoody Plus

            You can use this driver. Worse case you can uninstall the driver.

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              AskWoody Plus

              I installed the Samsung Universal Printer Driver 3.  Interestingly, Windows Settings shows the SCX-4100 twice when its connected via USB cable.  One device is shown as “Driver Unavailable” and the other is alive and reflects the USB connection.  But at least the printer is now functional.

              My next test will be to see if it is recognized by Windows Fax and Scan.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        I am not expert in pc printer problem fixing.Last week while printing ,the paper stucked inside printer and printer start beeping. I shut down the power and opend the front and back cover of my Mono Laster Samsung SCX-4521 X printer.
        I gradually tried to pull out stucked paper,which tune into peices.Only way was to pull out all peices of paper. Then i power on this printer to print but it did not power on properly but start beeping.
        I powerd off/on a few times but same beeping problem. I unscrewed /opened the printer from front and back side.Clean inside,with alcohol wipes and then assembled back to normal form.But still is not printing rather start beeping.
        Kindly let me know your golden suggestion to fix this problem.Mini display window donot show any error message. Only date and time.Mono laser cartridge is one month old.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Mini display window donot show any error message. Only date and time.

        The printer may be asking you to set the date and time.  Try pressing “enter”.

        Win 10 home - 21H1
        Attitude is a choice...Choose wisely

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        Hello EricB,

        Did you fix your issue with your samsung printer?

        I have a SCX-4500 Mono Laser Multi Printer that has worked perfectly since I bought it about 10 years ago. I love the printer, it worked great and looks great until I did a Windows reinstall. I was forced to upgrade to the 20H2  and now my printer will not work. It powers on no problem. It was printing in Windows 10 since it came until  the 20H2 version. When I try to print from any program in windows the printer lights up and makes ding sound but nothing happens. It doesn’t pick up the paper, nothing. The light comes on and it makes one ding sound. The printer will still copy something no problem at all. Full text and images are copied no problem whatsoever. It just will not print. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers numerous times. I’ve tried everything I can think of except trying to change my windows version.

        Anyone have any help?

        I really wish regulators had stopped HP from buying Samsung Printer Division several years ago. For a while we consumers has good choices and reasonable prices for printers, especially laser. Now we are stuck with HP dominating the market again. I paid less than $200 for the samsung laser I have but to replace it I’m looking at $400 plus outrageous prices for toner.

        Now it seems HP influenced microsoft to kill older samsung printers to force us to buy a new hp. Typical crony capitalism and the consumer gets screwed and ripped off.

        Thank You

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