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    FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT By Deanna McElveen Whether trimming the rose bushes, pulling weeds in the garden, or watering the hanging pots, and when needing to
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      I hope you all get a chance to try Sandboxie-Plus.

      Because I was bored this morning, I installed a piece of software through Sandboxie-Plus (just ran the setup file) and then ran the installed program, again, through Sandboxie-Plus. I knew the program was very scammy so it was fun to see it trying to do it’s shenanigans but it couldn’t hurt anything. Fun times! I really do need a hobby.

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      Deanna – thanks for great article and suggestions.

      Just tried it in portable version on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit, and the only mini-snag I see is that, when I exit this new SandBoxie, I get a window that OfficeClickToRun needs to be stopped in order to install.  (I have MS 365 Family for Word and Excel.)  That doesn’t seem right.

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      I have used the older Sandboxie for years. It has saved me from issues several times.

      One issue with using it while playing games (GOG stuff in your example) in the prior version was that unless your choose to actively save a copy of the newer version of your “saved” game progress to a place on your computer outside of Vegas – it will not be available to you when you return to the game to continue your experience in the game. And then you are back where you started the last session. I suspect the same is true with the plus version – true? 🙂

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      I have tried numerous “virtual Windows” software. For me, just plain old Windows Sandbox works for what I need. It loads quick enough and I usually use it only for tic-tok links people keep sending me or any other questionable links I get emailed. Best part of Sandbox, when you close it, and open it again, it’s back to zero.

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      Or simply enable your free Hyper-V on most editions of Windows 10 and 11, only takes a couple of minute to spin up a Windows guest O/S and play in Microsoft’s  safest sandbox.   One-liner in powershell:  <span class=”hljs-pscommand”>Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature</span><span class=”hljs-parameter”> -Online</span><span class=”hljs-parameter”> -FeatureName</span> <span class=”hljs-pscommand”>Microsoft-Hyper</span>-V<span class=”hljs-parameter”> -All</span>

      Or live dangerously and go ahead and install this boxie freeware, software initially developed decades ago, which includes installing a bunch of services,  software so worthless the owner literally give the software source code away.     Come-on AW, you’re better than this.




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