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    I have a friend whose audio volume persistently decreases. When starting a cd or any other audio source, the volume needs to be increased. Then over the next 3 to 4 seconds the volume will progressively decrease to nothing. I can increase the volume again, but it will decrease in the same manner. I have not been able to find new drivers on Creative’s web page. Any ideas?

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      Are there any applications running in the background (or taskbar) that might take control of the volume? Nothing specific comes to mind, but I imagine it will be audio or MP3 related…

      Give it a look-see to be sure. You didn’t mention which OS you’re using. If you’re on Win98, ME or XP, you can type MSCONFIG in the Start | Run dialog to get the System Configuration Utility. This will show you what exactly is loading on startup. If you’re using NT or 2000 you can download a nice freeware utility from Mike Lin’s homepage.

      Hope this helps

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        It’s win98se. I’ve had everything disabled/turned off except Windows’ volume control and the problem persists. Any other ideas?

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          Hmmmm…. That baffles me!

          When you say the volume decreases, do you mean that the mixer level drops? If you have the Windows mixer open, does the volume control actually drop? If so, I would still guess software problem. If not, I would look towards hardware.

          And I’m officially out of ideas… shrug


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