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    Received an email from Windows Secret this morning and my Thunderbird gave me a possible scam warning. That in itself not unusual but I deleted email and just decided to jump on here to see if anybody else got them.

    Main reason is I have not received any email in quite a while from WS and wanted to play it safe.

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      I got a Newsletter in my gmail account this morning which is a first as I normally get them in an ISP email account, but it looked genuine.

      I don’t normally get the Newsletters until pm so will check to see if this is duplicated.

      You can get email notifications to any threads that you have posted in – is this what it refers to ?

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      It’s really hard to say anything definitive, if we don’t know what the email contents were.

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        Sorry guys I should have held onto email, I really think it was my thunderbird being overly protective. Now should it happen again I will be more forthcoming with info, I’m the NBB for a reason.

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      No offense to the forum but this is generally not going to be a place with a high enough “yield” to make bogus emails worthwhile. Spammers on the other hand…

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      I always get the scam warning on WS emails, and a few others. No cause for concern IMO.

      cheers, Paul

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      Well, this is very strange. I received a WS newsletter in one of my inactive email accounts. Since I’m familiar with WS, I knew it was legit. (And yes, I did set a restore point before investigating.) I’ll make another post about that, but I wonder what’s going on.

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      I get the ‘Thunderbird thinks this is a scam’ warning when I open Windows Secrets – I just click the box at the right-hand end of the warning bar ‘Ignore’.
      I don’t know how to stop the warnings just for Windows Secrets though – I find the ‘help’ files in Mozilla very confusing; they seem to be written for those who are experts in the field – surely they can write help files for novices – after all they are the ones more likely to need help!

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      I get it with TB too. With the email open, right-click the sender and select Create Filter From… Create a filter that marks it as Not Junk.

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      I recieved an email just last week from Secrets. It was just a notification that my paid subscription was at its end and asked if I wanted to renew it. Of course 😎

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      Somewhere in the path to my inbox, the newsletter is flagged as spam. Something must be triggering all these warnings, I suppose, but it doesn’t seem like there are reasons to e worried about it.

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      TB is like a nanny. I have several newsletters that TB fears (including Windows Secrets), and TB has added some to the list over time. There is no way to tell TB that the e-mail isn’t a scam, and asking different forums at Mozilla several times still gets the reply that allowing TB to be trained about scams is not a high priority. I’ve been told to add the address to my contacts list (didn’t work), mark it as not junk (didn’t work), turn off scam detection (which I may give up and do), and just to live with it. I like TB, but I’m getting tired of clicking on the “Ignore Warning” button several times a week. Anybody from Mozilla here and listening?

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      The reason Thunderbird throws those scam warnings at you is the email contains links that are obfuscated, i.e. the “Change newsletter preferences” link, for instance, does not display the destination URL in plain text.
      The link is simply labeled “Change,” instead of displaying the full link. This can be an issue in scam and phishing emails, because the text might say “http://www.bankofamerica.com,” but the actual link might go to a scammer’s site. And many people still mindlessly click on links, innocently assuming the link goes where it says it goes.
      It took me a lot of Googling to figure this out.

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        I use TB, but leave the E-mail Scam box unchecked. Most scams are pretty east to identify at first glance. It should be noted that the Scam filter is not the same as the Junk filter. I leave that one on, and have never had WS marked as Junk. I don’t think I have ever had any false positives using the Junk filter.

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