• SCCM not updating clients


    Start last Friday (July 10th) I noticed that deployment of patches through SCCM appear to have problems as computers 4 days later still show as unknown yet an application deployed through same SCCM are working fine.

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      How many computers are not getting patches?

      Have you checked the SCCM logs?

      Have you checked the Windows Update logs on the clients?

      cheers, Paul

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      First a base overview, we are a company with device around the world. We use SCCM to deploy moth patches (normally about a month behind) I deploy patches to Pilot groups prior to all to avoid issues. The deployment of June 2020 patches are not hitting the pilot group. when the months patches are completed, all patches go to a cumulative group that is always live. This is where newly imaged computers get all patches recently deployed. Secondly We image our computers with an SCCM (task sequence process) that we have used for years in one form or another. All of these computers should be getting our cumulative patches, mbut not. so in short, any patches actively deployed are not hitting any computer. The only thing that is hitting computers are applications.

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      Without access to logs and a more in depth view of your setup there is not much we can do to help. Is there no one else in the company who can help you?

      cheers, Paul

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      everyone We have with knowledge of SCCM has been engaged and can’t ID any issues. Nothing has been changed on our end. We have a ticket opened with Microsoft. when we get it resolved we will share the findings.



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