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    My camera club is responding to Covid by running Zoom alongside normal meetings and have hit a problem using our projector at maximum resolution at the same time as Zoom.

    The laptop driving our projector has a native screen resolution of 1356 x 768 px and the projector we use 1400 x 1050 px.

    Without Zoom we switch to second screen only and can use the projector at full resolution.

    Using Zoom however requires us to use screen duplication at the lesser resolution in order to share the projected images via the laptop; which somewhat degrades the image quality of the projected images.

    Does anybody know of any software / hardware solution that will allow for the use of two “screens” simultaneously at different resolutions?


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      The issue is likely to be the video card is not powerful enough to do what you want.
      The only solution is a more powerful laptop / desktop.

      cheers, Paul

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