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    We would like to change the screen label text displayed in the “Properties” of user information contained on the “Phone/Notes” tab in the Exchange 2010 Global Address Book. This same data is contained on the “Telephones” tab in “Active Directory Users and Computers”. Nobody uses Fax: anymore so we would like to change the display name to Remote: to add the remote office numbers of our employees and reduce confusion. Yes, we could cheat and just tell everybody that the remote office number is actually the fax number but we’d like to avoid that workaround.[/FONT][/COLOR]
    The “Remote:” office number is a phone number so absolutely nothing changes except the screen label the users see on the screen. Is this possible?[/FONT][/COLOR]

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      I suspect the name is internal to Outlook. The corresponding AD entry is likely to be called “fax” and as such a change there may result in the field not being recognised.
      Try dumping the GAL field names with PowerShell to see what is used.

      cheers, Paul

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      I would caution against doing this.

      Typically, you are dealing with a database with hard-coded field names with an identifying purpose. The client software (Outlook usually) then also handles the fields in a hard-coded manner.

      We have a medical imaging system. Due to an insistent request from the clinicians, we too did this. The medical imaging client software permitted display renaming of fields and so everything looked good, right? Not right. Every time we install a new client, we have to remember to rename the same field, in the same place. The client software does not get this information from the server, it’s all client side controlled. It’s administrative busy work and it routinely results in Help Desk calls.

      The underlying issue for you is that you are using a fax field for non-fax information. Even though it’s still a phone number, it’s still a misuse of this field. And that misuse is likely to pop up and bite you at every little turn.

      Exchange has a LOT of phone number fields. The benefit to what you are trying to do is minor and the potential consequences are greater than that.

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      I would add that the database in Exchange is a version of Jet. This is the same db engine that Access uses. As such it is a conventional relational database engine, with similar rules to Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL Server.

      My comments above were in relation to conventional relational database engines, so I wanted to check and make sure that Exchange used a similar technology.

      Exchange Database Technologies (Simple Talk)

      Had Exchange used something different (a NoSQL system for instance) then different rules might apply.

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