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    Add this to the long list of things I didn’t know. A tweet from @teroalhonnen led me to poke around the usage statistics for web search engines. Of co
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      I’m surprised that DuckDuckGo isn’t even a blip.

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        If you check the Statcounter website under US stats, you will find DuckDuckGo

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        DuckDuckGo is probably included in the Bing results since it uses Bing.

        Another private search – StartPage.com uses Google.


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      When Micro$soft tries to push me Bing the forceful hard way when I stroll once in a while in the Windows world, my reaction when I come back home to my Linux world is, in Firefox on Linux Mint, consider the offer of Bing not an option but an offense to be immediately deleted.

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      Hm, I guess it’s not all that surprising that Bing and Yahoo are on roughly equal footing.

      No part of Bing is allowed to be contacted by my systems at all, and I don’t care much for Yahoo either. Note the litany of sites to which attempted contacts are made just by browsing to yahoo.com… Kind of ridiculous…



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        Yahoo’s search is Microsoft’s Bing engine wearing an ineffectual user interface mask.

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      Ah! Bing… yes. Giving answers to things, you never asked about…

      Grew tired of google and went for Bing for a while.

      Utterly useless if you’re outside the US, since you can’t set a time limit for search results. After a very short while it gets extremely tiresome to check link after link and only find, they may be 6, 10 or more years old, which isn’t very useful, if you search software related info… sigh.

      Yahoo? you gotta be kidding!

      So it’s back to google and their sponsored ads… sigh.

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        All of the search engines will find and show useless and (old) data even if you can set a time limit.

        • #128527


          If I search “Linux firewall” and limit search to “last month”, I’m presented with, well… that. And results are showing posted date as well.

          Bing? First up may very well be a link from 2004… can’t tell before opening link.

          Useless, I say! 😀

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            Here is one example of the junk I am referring to, using DuckDuckGo and your example.

            At the very end of all results is this one junk link that goes through several redirects before it lands on a supposedly based in Panama software business with a strange link and prices that seem far too good for reality.

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