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    After updating to version 2004, I found Windows search had stopped working.  Pressing the WIN key and typing did nothing.  In File Explorer search, it was not possible to enter or paste any text.  Same for the search icon or search box in the Taskbar.  I tried all the fixes recommended by Microsoft but none worked.  After a day’s trial and error, I figured out a fix…..

    Try creating a new user account and see if search works. It worked for my admin account but not for my standard user account. But it did work when I created a new, local account.

    So I migrated my original profile to the new account with ForensiT User Profile Wizard Personal Edition (free). Then I deleted the original user account and used Control Panel to rename the new account to the name I had been using before.

    All my apps work and all the documents, desktop and personal files are all as they were. The only thing that wasn’t perfect in the migration was all the default apps reverted to the original so web browser went back to Edge, pictures defaulted to Photos, music to Grove etc. But it was easy to set them back to my personal preferences.

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      Interesting observation – and workaround.

      I just moved this onto the main blog here.

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