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    ISSUE 19.40 • 2022-10-03 ON SECURITY By Susan Bradley The recent Windows 11 update brings more security features, but with a big caveat — only users w
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Even with all this, we are getting mixed messages about security. I launched Edge on a new system with 22H2, and it asked me which websites I wanted pinned to my taskbar (see Figure 1).

      So on the one hand, Microsoft wants us to pay for a more expensive license to gain the security features; but on the other hand, the Edge browser is proposing settings that raise security concerns in my mind. Yes, I can easily opt out, but why the seeming contradiction? I would hope that everything in the operating system, everything in the browser, and everything Microsoft proposes is secure from the outset and not subject to a user mistake when selecting convenience options.

      Here’s hoping folks on the Edge team get the memo.

      I don’t understand how a site pinned to a taskbar is a security concern (or what related mistake a user could make). Could you explain?

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1483 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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        Two things:  1. Banner ads in web sites such as Youtube.  2. Looking at that “suggestions” and thinking…. hmmm have you made kickback deals with these vendors?  I had not see that page when I installed new Edge on my 10, nor when I launch a new 2022 server.  After all of the security goodness of the core OS, seeing “hey pin these vendors to your freshly built OS” was not what I wanted to end up with.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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          You post many links to YouTube videos but now you’re worried about banner ads there?

          That Taskbar Pinning Wizard has been available in Microsoft Edge for more than 2.5 years, and in my experience the site suggestions are based on previous use.

          It normally lives at Settings and more, More tools, Launch taskbar pinning wizard. But it can be disabled via Group Policy or Registry:


          Allow Pin to taskbar wizard

          Supported versions: On Windows since 80 or later


          Microsoft Edge uses the Pin to taskbar wizard to help users pin suggested sites to the taskbar. The Pin to taskbar wizard feature is enabled by default and accessible to the user through the Settings and more menu.

          If you enable this policy or don’t configure it, users can call the Pin to taskbar wizard from the Settings and More menu. The wizard can also be called via a protocol launch.

          If you disable this policy, the Pin to taskbar wizard is disabled in the menu and cannot be called via a protocol launch.

          User settings to enable or disable the Pin to taskbar wizard aren’t available.

          Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Learn

          But as it just provides an easy method of creating shortcuts it really is not a security issue.

          Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1483 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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            Several of those sites I haven’t visited recently and this was my ‘no Microsoft account/local account” test if memory serves me correct?  I’ll have to repro and double check.  That wouldn’t have been my first choice of a launch screen.

            While I admit I do use youtube for demostration, I purchase the subscription to ensure there are no advertisements.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      It seems computers are going to two extremes:

      • Consumer, no-worries-mate-we-do-it-all-for-you
      • business or research development style, you-must-know-a-buncha-to-get-this-to-work
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      I am no longer able to get Windows 10 updates as of approximately May 10, 2022.  The only message I get is that I need to get the latest version of Windows 10. I have no idea how to do that.  the only message I get is that my “device is missing some important security and updates” or words to that effect.  PLEASE HELP.  Do I need to just throw away my computer???

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        No, but you need to tell us which version you’ve got.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1483 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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        In the Taskbar Search Box type winver and hit Enter.
        Tell us the Version and complete Build number.
        We also need to know if you have the Win10 Home Edition or Win10 Pro Edition.

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      I’m 77 and plan on sticking with Win 10 until I Die. Any reason not to do this? Win 10 works great. If ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!

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