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    OK, my ISP is Charter/Spectrum. My modem and router are each about 14 years old and starting to fail. I will be getting a new modem from Spectrum (free). Any recommendations for a new router? I would like it to be wi-fi 6 capable. I am not a gamer, just web-surfing, email, spreadsheets, Turbo Tax, Quicken. I’m hoping to see a little more speed opening some browser windows.
    I’d like to keep the cost under $200. Our current units are in the basement but we get a good signal upstairs, where we are most of the time. Thinking of getting a mesh style in case we need a boost, but that might not be necessary. I’m seeking suggestions on what to get.


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      Your original thread is here.

      I’ve got a cheapy TP-Link C7 AC1750 that has a guest wifi network and allows you to mesh with other units. I can even run OpenWRT on it if I’m feeling keen. The current model would be an AX10 or AX20.

      cheers, Paul

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      About a year ago I got a pair of TP-Link Deco W7200 Tri-Channel mesh routers. I had to get around the Faraday Cage my Wife built in one of our closets with here genealogy record file cabinets…LOL. This mesh router is great since it has both Wi-Fi and Wired back haul capability. Since I had a wired connection from my office (location of cable modem) and living room (right outside bedroom) I hooked them using Wired back haul and no more wi-fi problems in bedroom (Smart-Bed, Alexa, Light Bulbs, etc). I’ve had absolutely no problems with this router and highly recommend it.

      FYI: The bedroom is on a diagonal from my office and the closed is in direct line between the two. Now the second Deco sits next to the TV right outside the bedroom, I even get reception on our balcony now! Since both Deco units have 2 Ethernet ports I have the TV on a wired connection for streaming.

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