• Server clock time-time zone?


    Is anybody aware that the time on the new server seems to be set for the UTC (old GMT) time zone?

    I believe the old server was set for Woody’s home time zone, CST, as all previous ‘fresh’ posts were 2 hours ‘earlier’ than PST, where I live.

    Having to do a time re-calc for the 2 hours difference was hard enough, now it’s 8 hours (I’m posting at 9:00PM, PST), and that’s brain damage for an old guy.

    Most other (real) ‘forum’ software has a user controlled setting for the way the time is displayed on the local PC, but if there’s a setting in this system, it’s not obvious where it is.

    If it’s not too much trouble, can the time at least be set back to Woody’s ‘home’ time zone?

    Or better yet, if there’s by chance a user option to set the ‘time’ to a members local time zone, that would be best.


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      Our devs made a tweak last night, which has resulted in fixing one thing and upsetting this, sorry. We have had several messages about it in the last 12+hrs 😉

      Hopefully it can be sorted in a relatively short time-frame.

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      Thanks for the reply to my post.

      I didn’t get to check the site earlier Monday until the evening on the west coast of the US. I didn’t see any other comments about the times tagged on ‘fresh’ posts, so thought I’d comment about it.

      Ideally, having a user-defined time setting for the local computer/time zone would be nice, as various other forums I follow have that as a user option.

      One can only hope…


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        Having a user-defined time zone would help a lot, but I don’t know if WordPress can handle it.

        What bugs me right now is that parts of the site have the correct time (e.g., the “Recent Replies” list on the right), while other parts are showing UTC (e.g., the time stamp on this post).

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      I like it. Real time here in UK…


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      I just posted a ‘few’ minutes ago in another topic, and that post time stamp seemed to be back on Woody-time. I can live with that, my apologies to the British Empire. And thanks to whoever figured out how to set the time on a computer.

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