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    Recently I have been getting the message “The connection to your server <server name> has been reset” whenever I try to read email with my Thunderbird client. I logon to my server administrative account with cpanel and check the Email utility and sure enough there are no messages in my Inbox. However, I know that emails should have been received (the AskWoody newsletter is one such message.) This has happened three times, and each time I contact the server provider (GoDaddy) I am told to wait for about 90 minutes and then reset my ThunderBird client. To cause the reset, I move my subfolder c://Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird to a safe location and then reinstall Thunderbird using the downloaded executable in my Downloads folder. Thunderbird comes up and tries to setup my email account. So I enter my email address and password, and manually setup the account to POP3 (It comes up as IMAP because one of my other email addresses uses IMAP, I guess). What is going on?

    P.S. This seems to have started when I installed a new version of Thunderbird (91.8.1 (64-bit). Also during this period, I was receiving international email from a friend on a round-the-world cruise that was currently in Monaco. He was complaining of getting undeliverable mail messages when he texted me about the matter.

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      A list of situations to consider:

      Ask GoDaddy if your mail account is POP3 or IMAP, and if you need a secured connection (ports 443 and 995).

      Thunderbird update 98.8.1 fixed some mail protocol bugs, did you see any errors?(https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/91.8.1/releasenotes/)

      Is your email address correct?

      Please try to send an email from another working account to your apparently non-working address, or ask your friend what exactly what the bounced undelivered mail response was. You may be able to understand if GoDaddy is the problem by the response and not the Thunderbird email client.

      Sometimes the email provider’s server get flaky for reasons like misconfiguration or a simply bad connection.

      Wait or if possible review any settings in cPanel and perhaps you should ask GoDaddy if there any spurious changes to your account.

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      I’d recommend deleting the account and setting it back up again.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      whenever I try to read email with my Thunderbird client

      If you logon to webmail via your browser can you see the emails you expect?

      cheers, Paul

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      Not sure which suggestion this response refers to, since I have not sent in a forum issue for at least 11 years. I have set up a gmail account to communicate with the outside world, so I can be reached directly at myaccount @ gmail.com.

      The following situation now obtains:
      1. I have two domains, dom1 and dom2. When I got the new domain name dom2 from Godaddy about three years ago under a new account, I moved my old site over to the same account. Here is how it was set up for me: My account accessed through Cpanel shows an HTML file structure under <account>/public_html and <account>/www (locked) that seems to represent my old website under dom1. The Cpanel Domains app shows the following domains: dom2.com (primary), dom1.com, and dom1.dom2.com. The Cpanel Subdomains app shows the following subdomain: dom1.dom2.com. The email account structure is under file manager is as follows:
      www (locked)
      2. The only email I can receive seems to be from users who are hosted on Godaddy. No external users are received.
      3. I use Thunderbird (Tbird) as my workstation email client. The server webmail account does not show anything in the inbox. Therefore I believe that Tbird is not the problem since email is not getting in to the server in the first place.
      4. During the fourth debug session with a Godaddy agent, the agent said that there was a problem with my “MX record and DNS routing” setup but they had corrected it. I never did know what they did.
      5. Recently (sixth debug session), I was informed that Godaddy was experiencing a problem with Cpanel Email and they were working the problem. Apparently some problem was being experienced with a number of users.
      6. I have rebuilt my Tbird configuration several times, rebuilt my Cpanel Email (Roundcube) configuration, and sent out test messages. Nothing seems to resolve the problem. I suspect it has something to do with the inability to receive messages from users that are hosted under non-Godaddy domains.

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      the agent said that there was a problem with my “MX record and DNS routing”

      I was going to say that as you could only receive email from GD, not external.

      What you should do is test your email from an external source.
      Fire up this page and enter the email server and address you want to test. The test will check if external email is possible.

      cheers, Paul

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        Thanks Paul, I did just that from my gmail account. Received a Delivery Incomplete message with the following sentence:

        The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at https://support.google.com/xxx [mail.<mydomain>.com. <IP Address>: unable to read banner]

        I finally got an agent at the Helpdesk and passed this on to them. They said the problem was that I had a bad header on the message and that something needed to be n my DNS routing records for that domain. I was instructed me to go to my Godaddy account and add to the domain records a DNS A text record containing the following information:

        v=spf1 include:secureserver.net -all

        This immediately fixed the problem. I am still not sure why my headers should all of a sudden be invalid since I have not changed anything on my server in a couple of years. This may have something to do with Web3 enhancements, but I will have to research that. Thanks to everybody for the comments.

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      SPF records were effectively mandatory many years ago. Without one you are a spammer in the eyes of mail gateways.

      cheers, Paul

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