• SetParent: To use or not to use (VB6)


    Hi all,

    After first using it a couple of years ago I had become a great fan of using the Set Parent API.

    I used it to avoid having tons of small forms by putting everything in picture boxes on one form. I used it to avoid having layers of objects on a single form. I used it to seperate objects so they could be easily located in a large project.

    However, just recently I have been finding documents (probably been there ages, but i’ve only just found them) on the web suggesting that its not the most stable of APIs.
    I have also used a couple of 3rd Party controls which have odd behavior when their handle has been changed, such as the focus not being passed back to the control and the redraw not being set properly.

    Firstly, is what i’m doing a really bad habit? Secondly, what is my alternative? I want to keep my design time forms easy to use from a development point of view.

    Any help would be much appreciated as I am just starting a new project and Set Parent has already caused me a few headaches.


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