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    as long as the provider has the proper extensions, it can be hosted anywhere. using a local server is generally faster and depending on the os and office versions, you may have the appropraite server software, as long as you have a computer capable of running it (enough ram is most important)

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      Could you please specify on “the proper extensions”? And does “using a local server” with mobile users being not directly connected to the company-network mean that this server has to be connected to the internet with a permanent line?

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      I intend to use SPTS to share word documents in a team in order to have a file locked if one member is editing it on his computer.
      Now I read in the techNet pages that SPTS would build a website to function which leads me to the following question:
      Do I need a webserver of my own or can I use webspace at my domain with some provider. Does that provider have to fulfill special requirements like using an NT-server or having some server extensions installed?

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