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    Can you share a non-default (custom) contact list? I can share the main default contact list, but I want to share another one I made.


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      are you using an Exchange server with your Outlook??

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      fastest way would be to export the contacts to a new PST file and then pass the file over to the other person to mount into their Outlook client. i don’t think making them a delegate for your contacts will work, as they will only see the main contact folder, and not any sub-folders you may make.

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      See Catharine Richardson’s (WebGenii) [post=591864]detailed Post on how to accomplish this[/post].

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      Thanks for the responses. But, that doesn’t really solve the whole issue. I can get the other person’s contacts to show in the contacts view. But, when I create a new mail message and click the To button to get the address list, the shared contact list doesn’t show. I know how to right-click the contact list, go to properties and check the box that says to make this contact list visible, but that option is not available on a shared contact list.

      We used to use GroupWise and have just recently moved to Outlook. What a mess this has been. Sharing was soo much easier in GroupWise.

      So, anyone else got any other ideas? Our company doesn’t use Public Folders, which is what I have seen suggested.

      The goal is for people to be able to share their contact lists (and custom contact lists) with other users on the Exchange server. And, when we create emails and click the address book, have those shared contacts lists show up in the address book list.

      We’ve been struggling with this for a couple of weeks now. Thank you to anyone who can help me figure this out.

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      I have converted a few companies from Groupwise to Outlook – unfortunately the two products do not work the same. In order for you to accomplish the sharing of contacts universally, you will have to purchase an add-on program, similar to: Sharing Contacts Software – there are probably others – I have not experienced any of these applications – just worked with what Outlook provides. Good luck…

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