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    I get the newsletter in Gmail.  Gmail clips long emails that are greater than 102k, requiring clicking a link at the bottom to read whatever portion was clipped.  It looks like this:

    [Message clipped] View entire message

    This is annoying.   If you could stay under Google’s artificial 102k limit, that would be great!  I don’t know why Google has this limit but most likely it is due to some flakey hardwired coding in Gmail that is too difficult to fix.

    Here’s an explanation of the implications:

    Why is Gmail Clipping my Emails?
    By Matt Harris | August 10, 2020

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      I use gmail through a mail client. Checking a 4/18/22 newsletter shows 181KB.

      Please verify that nothing in your email client or gmail is toggled to break messages larger than 100KB into pieces. Look for a toggle that you can access.

      You are also accessing a two-year-old article; I haven’t read it, but things change extremely fast in Computerland and it may be dated.

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      You can read the newsletters in full here

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      You can read the newsletters in full here

      Yes but that wasn’t the question I was posing.

      Personally, I don’t need to get the newsletter as a huge email, especially since the huge email gets truncated by Google anyways.

      I would prefer if the newsletter came in as how most everyone else does newsletters, which is with a title line, a few opening lines and a weblink to the actual content.

      I understand that this new fangled approach would harsh the mellow of many old dogs but perhaps an option could be implemented giving people a choice of how they want the newsletter delivered.

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        Yeah, I’m one of those old dogs whose mellow would be harshed if the email version of the newsletter was truncated to accommodate gmail’s arbitrary size limit. 🙂

        I like the full-sized email versions of the newsletter because I can save them directly to a local folder on my hard drive for archiving. Also, access to the whole newsletter is easier because I already have my email client inbox open most of the time so one click on the email and I’m into the whole newsletter. But that’s me . . .

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      You can read the entire newsletter online now.


      At the top of every plus newsletter is a link to the full newsletter.


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      I would prefer if the newsletter came in as how most everyone else does newsletters

      We considered that 18 months ago. Then we surveyed the audience and asked them about delivery methods. More than half prefer to get the long-form email, and another 25% said they don’t care. That makes an overwhelming majority for leaving things be.

      “Everyone else” does it as clickbait. We want you to visit our website, too, but Plus Membership has its privileges.

      … perhaps an option …

      I estimate it would increase our production workload by 35%. And even if we accepted that, the cost of modifying the subscription system is hardly trivial.

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      If you could stay under Google’s artificial 102k limit

      You are absolutely correct. It’s Google’s limit, not ours.

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      I haven’t seen the problem you mention about Google having “shortened” a document in email for a very long time. The last time I saw it was when I was still logging into the GMail web portal instead of checking my GMail account with a separate program such as Outlook (perennial version) or Thunderbird.

      Once I started using an email program to get my email from GMail, that problem ceased…I haven’t seen it at all.

      By the way, it also used to happen when I’d click on an attachment that was larger than a pre-set size as well. It would say at some point something to the effect of “click here to see the rest of your attachment (or document)”. I don’t remember the exact wording because it’s been so long.

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        Yet another reason to avoid Web GMail and use an real emailclient.!


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