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    My wife uses ‘extensive’ signature collection, but after the last update, you can no longer save a ‘default’ signature, and I’ve not found a way to ‘import’ the signature collection that is still in the ‘roaming’ folder.  (None were lost, they just no longer appear in Outlook).  Is there ANY way to recover, import, transfer or otherwise get those signatures to appear in the updated Office?  Any help would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.   MS is worthless…..(as we all know).

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      Is there a “Signatures on this device” option at Signatures, E-mail account?

      Have you tried selecting “Signatures on this device” for E-mail account:

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2359 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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        Yes, all the signatures show under her gmail.com address, however, none appear in the drop down for choosing a signature for either new mail, or a reply.  Is there any way to ‘import’ or point the Outlook application to simply look in the signatures file folder for the signatures?

        I don’t use the signatures like she does, so I’m not seeing the big deal, but because it ‘doesn’t work like it used to’, it’s a bit mind bending for her.

        Thank you for your assistance.



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          Well, I guess MS felt they needed to hose up ALL versions of Office Pro.  Now both 2021 and my 2019 Office Pro are exhibiting the same bad behavior.  Although you can get to the signatures by selection the gmail.com accounts, you no longer can save a default for new or reply mail.  This is obviously a major bug in the ‘updates’, and hopefully MS will be hounded enough to fix it.  Today is ‘patch Tuesday’ so perhaps a fix is only months away.

          If by some chance someone figures a way to get these to appear in the drop down in the Outlook application, I would very much appreciate knowing how you got it to work.

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          But do you actually see “Signatures on this device” as a dropdown option at File, Options, Mail, Signatures, E-mail account?

          Apparently, if you have more than five email accounts then you need to scroll down before you will see it.

          Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2359 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      No, I do not.  However, if you change from my gmail.com account to ‘signatures on this device’, they are there.  However, you can not save those as a default signature for either new mail or reply mail.  That is the issue.


      thank you,


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      BINGO!!!  Creating the registry entry and populating it did the trick!!

      Thank you so very much for providing the information.  It is appreciated more than you can know.


      Best regards,


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