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    FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT By Deanna McElveen There are a lot of Web browsers out there if you want to stray from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Fi
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      Using it primary since 2016 🙂

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      “Things that make me go ‘hmmmm’.”   Seems strange that the most current item on their “Newsletter” page is dated 10/1/2015 …. and on the “Forum” page under “Important Announcement” the most current post is date March 30, 2020…   “What’s up with that?”           This makes me VERY worried and not likely to try it out.

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      Care must be taken with its installation.  I made the mistake of installing it as Admin.  After installation it started up automatically without allowing me to close the final window where you can select to not start it.  It created a profile in the Admin users Appdata\Local directory which I didn’t realize until I had spent a good bit of time configuring it only to find that once I started it while logged in a my user I had a clean profile.  It has been OK during preliminary usage.

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      I will give Slimjet a test drive. My golden parachute for any installation is having Revo Uninstaller Pro monitor and record a log of the install. For any that aren’t familiar with Revo, uninstalling with a logged Revo install is like an instant clean rewind. No left over baggage.

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      Many will like the one-stop shopping experience of this browser.

      Just remember that under the hood, it’s still Chromium.

      I prefer to make my own choices of what to add and what to leave out. Obviously, this makes me a Linux by choice user, and a pure Chromium by choice user.

      I can select extensions and make my own sync connections to do almost anything Slimjet has built in. But for most folks, the convenience of already having everything prebuilt will have great appeal.

      About WebM video format — meeting apps like Zoom and Jitsi save videos in this format by default. VLC Player plays back the format with no plugins needed. Works in Windows, Linux and Mac. So that is really not a bad choice, given the much smaller download size compared with mp4 format.

      This is similar to the growing acceptance of the WebP format for still images. Again, the file sizes are tiny compared with PNG which has been used up to now for web graphics. But like the new Apple HEIC format, WebP is an add-on or plugin for most graphics programs you probably have installed now. It’s becoming more available, but it isn’t standard issue just yet. The GIMP does handle WebP without plugins.

      I must add that the driving force behind WebP is Google. Just so you know…

      WebM is an open source project, not closely tied to any one company.  Just to be clear…

      -- rc primak

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