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    After the last batch of Windows updates I have had some printer issues, but that was resolved by the manufacturer with a work around. But here within the last week or two. I have been experiencing either a slow start or an unresponsive start at my welcome screen to my Windows 10 21H2 machine. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does. I usually have to wait about a minute so before I can enter my PIN. Now, I have upgraded my SSD from a 250GB to a 2.0TB SSD within the last month.

    Now, I was experiencing issues with my Total Defense antivirus software and my Malwarebytes software on my phone with the accessibility feature. It was recommended that I uninstall Malwarebytes for the time being to see if it happens again. So, I am either wondering if I am having a similar issue with my desktop PC, or perhaps an issue with the recent batch of Windows updates. How can I be sure of which scenario could it be? Is there any way of checking what the issue could be on my own?

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      Slow startup is usually due to updates updating things. If it keeps happening there may be something else at play.

      I would temporarily disable things, one at a time, to see if it is fixed. Start with your AV.

      cheers, Paul

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      Crazy but simple suggestion (but it worked several versions back)

      create a new user account.

      reboot, log that account in and let it finish the out of box stuff.

      log the new user account out

      reboot (from the power button on the login screen)

      Try the problem account again… regardless of the effect, the new user account can then be removed.

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