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    One of the computers on my little home network started to get significantly slower internet downloads than the others.

    Somehow, I remembered that the built-in ethernet hardware had stopped working for some reason a few years ago, and I replaced it with a pci-e network card.

    I didn’t do any testing, but simply went to one of the online auction sites, where I saw another one that cost 9 euros that I thought would be OK.

    It arrived, I replaced the older card, and in five minutes the problem was solved.

    Maybe I was lucky.

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      Unfortunately the problem can also be a failure to negotiate the right MTU size, which can become apparent after changing the router. It manifests as a slowness only with certain sites.

      Of course if you change the adapter then the networking on it is set up from scratch so the problem would be fixed..

      Maybe this was worth a try first..


      Might also be worth checking the failed card is still turned off as well. I’m assuming your happy with the protection state on your machine as it is plausible other things besides ICMP could eat into the MTU available – for example components from a removed antivirus product running beside a replacement..

      The other hilarity with actual wired cards is the desk fan. Run the cable to the fan at 90 degrees across the network cable and switch on the fan – some older cards will drop from 100Mb to 10Mb.. or if set to 100Mb will lose connection.. so make sure your network and power cables are at least a couple inches apart.

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        I’m quite aware there was a variety of possibilities, but I decided to go for the most obvious (to me) first.

        As I wrote, maybe I was just lucky.

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