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    Greetings All –

    My old router starting losing its wireless signal a couple weeks ago, so after some research, I replaced it with a TP-Link Archer AX55.  After a fair amount of angst, I finally got my wireless devices to connect and my printer connected via ethernet.  I pretty much went with the default settings.  Yesterday I noticed that web pages were really slow to load.  I did a ping check and got horrible times.  I eventually got around to rebooting the modem and router, and that seemed to fix everything.  Pages now seem to load quickly.  I find the latest ping check odd, however.  Pinging, I get this:

    time  = 263 ms   TTL = 114

    time  = 19 ms   TTL = 114

    time  = 20 ms   TTL = 114

    time  = 19 ms   TTL = 114

    Minimum 19  Maximum 263 Average 88

    I’m puzzled by this and wonder what if anything I can do to lower the 1st ping time.  There are a bunch of router settings that I have no idea what they mean.  Perhaps one of them is out of sorts.

    I think the only non standard setting I have made is changing the IP address pool from xxx.xxx.x.2 to xxx.xxx.x.10 to make some room for any fixed ip addresses.   I have an extremely limited understanding of networks and would also recommend a good instructional source to remedy same.  As always, any help would be appreciated.

    Casey H.

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      Oh–I also changed my network adapter DNS settings from the auto setting to the cloud fare sequences.  That’s what seemed to start all the issues, so I changed the settings back to where they were.   Regrettably I did not do a ping check after initial setup.  My main PC runs WIN 10 Pro and is connected to the router via ethernet; my laptop runs WIN 11 Pro and is connected via wireless.  Results are pretty much the same for both devices.


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      Ignore ping times. It’s only an issue when it times out.

      You don’t need to restrict the IP range to 10. There are 253 available addresses and I can’t see you having anywhere near than number of devices.
      When your device requests an IP it will test for conflicts and not use an existing IP.
      (When we range limit in larger networks we save the bottom addresses for fixed devices and auto allocate the ones at the top.)

      There is no need to change DNS these days (was there ever?) as the browsers do it for you – they use secure DNS.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thanks Paul. The reason I reserved the first nine spots was to allow for some fixed IP addresses.  So far no issues with the printer which has been dynamically assigned, but I wanted to make sure there was a spot for it and for any other devices that might work better with static.  Nine is probably overkill though.  That’s a great tip on the DNS.  I’ll set mine back to the default.


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