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    Condensing a friend’s Facebook post:
    Mature dog – “For the past week or so he hasn’t been acting like himself. He licked a raw spot on his foot. He was panting constantly. He was pacing.” She took him to the vet; tests were pretty much normal. Brought him home – he refused to enter the house. She took him for a walk, “he was in good spirits until we got home and he refused to come back in the house. Every time I took him out that evening, he would hunker down like he didn’t want to come back in the house. When my vet called and I gave her the update, she suggested there may be some new electronic device in the house that was emitting a high frequency noise that is hurting his ears. We had just put new smart outlets in the house about a week ago.” They unplugged and re-plugged these smart devices. “We’ve left the outlets unplugged for two days and have confirmed that it is definitely the smart outlets that are causing his stress and discomfort. He’s back to being a totally normal dog now.”
    I can’t make out the brand name in the (cropped) photo, but it starts with “LIVINGP…”, and on the base is “Smart Socket”.

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      They “appear” to be the NexHT smart plugs sold at Walmart & Lowes (at least those were the only round ones I could find on-line that resemble them without any logo/text on the side where you’d plug something into them.)

      BTW, to me that LIVINGP… label seems to be a custom label the user applied to the plugs (probably to ID which one is which) and it most likely says LIVINGROOM.

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      Sorry about your dogs reaction to the high pitched noise from the not so smart plugs, however perhaps this device would cure a problem in our yard with ground squrriles digging up our plants???

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