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    Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to use a computer to remove snow from our walks and driveway?

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      Not a computer but a robot


      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        An intelligent yard robot!

        The Yarbo robotic snow blower S1 with GPS “computer vision” combined with a variety of sensors that helps it achieve centimeter-grade accurate positioning!

        It has a 21-inch clearing width, 12-inch intake, and six inch to 40-foot throwing distance. And it is only $7,499.00.  Just what I was thinking about and I do not have to sit at the computer to use it.

        Is the Yarbo robotic snow blower a suitable replacement for the $130 Toro Ultra 340 cubic feet per minute electric leaf blower that I just used to blow four inches of light powder snow off the walks and drive?

        Or the $1,400 gasoline powered TORO Power Max HD 928 OAE snow blower with a 28-inch clearing width, 12-inch intake, and up to 45-foot throwing distance that has been sitting idle in the garage for the last three years due to a lack of deep snow?

        But real question is will the Yarbo robotic snow blower clear our gravel walks and drive.  According to Yarbo, the answer is no!

        Any other ideas?

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          Get a weed burner and propane tank and just melt it which unfortunately turns to ice.

          Gravel snow removal would be a problem with any robotic remover LOL. Sorry, just thinking out loud. Good luck in your search 🙂


          Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does 🙂
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      Not an app, but a website. It’s been around for a long time.

      Task Rabbit

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        taskrabbit – not exactly what I had in mind but I guess that help retained through the site will clear snow from our walks and drive while I sit at the computer.

        An alternative site here in the States is the National Weather Service at https://www.weather.gov/  .

        All I need to do is fill in our location, scroll down and see when temperatures will be above freezing, the sun will shine, and/or it is going to rain.  From that information I can estimate when the snow will be gone while sitting at the computer.

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      I have not tried this U.S. based app yet:
      …waiting for the snowblower to die.  Through the app, you review and hire someone, similar to Task Rabbit.

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      Where I live there is much, much more grass to cut than the occasional snow we get.  So.. I would really rather have a robotic lawn mower!  The grass needs to be cut every week and at my age it’s gotten to be a real chore cutting, weed-wacking, and cleaning up.

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        Earlier on Susan Bradley pointed to the Yarbo yard robot at     https://www.yarbo.com/

        Yarbo sells “The World’s First Multi-purpose Intelligent Yard Robot” that includes:

        • Yarbo Snow Blower S1 for a snow-free driveway & sidewalk in winter,
        • Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 for a perfectly-cut lawn all-year-round,
        • Yarbo Blower B1 – for a leaf free yard in autumn.

        So, if you really want a robotic lawn mower – go for it!

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