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    This won’t end well. Microsoft’s AI boffins unleash a bot that can generate fake comments for news articles
    Please no, we don’t need a machine learning troll farm

    By Katyanna Quach | 2 Oct 2019

    As if the internet isn’t already a complicated cesspool full of trolls, AI engineers have gone one step further to build a machine learning model that can generate fake comments for news articles.

    Although the idea of DeepCom is concerning, it’s probably not sophisticated enough yet to cause much harm. The comments it generates are short – on the order of tens of words – and aren’t complex enough to incite much reaction.

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      What concerns me here is that AI can be h@cked, nothing is impossible with computer coding knowledge, exploits to/and access given time. As for online shopping reviews well, they are ‘fudged’ anyway and social media IMO get what they deserve!
      The possibilities are endless in the digital arena…soon to be cloud AI v clown AI and no connection to the web as AI has stolen the IP and identity of individuals 🙂

      sounds like a plot to a film

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      AI-generated comments from a MS bot?

      You don’t Tay.

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      ? says:

      “Zo,” was better, [it] preferred Windows 7 over Windows 10…


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      In last analysis, the problem is not the generation of fake news, whatever their origin. The problem is people who cannot tell the difference between fake and real news, because they can’t be bothered to get the news from truly professional journalistic sources, or to learn to think critically, sifting appealing fantasy from not always nice-to-know fact, but instead trust their own unanalayzed prejudices to guide them through life, without paying due attention to reality. And if one does not pay close and frequent attention to reality, it bites. Hard.

      Everyone of us can be duped, given the right circumstances. But some of us are  lot easier to dupe, because a systematic “Whatever!” attitude to things that we don’t like to hear, or recognize that they even exist, makes the dupers job so much easier.

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        The problem is people who cannot tell the difference between fake and real news

        How true. Reminds me of a line from the mid 90’s movie, American President

        “People don’t drink the sand ’cause they’re thirsty. They drink the sand ’cause they don’t know the difference.”

        It’s not saying much, but at lest the canned responses you get from “speak to an agent” on Microsoft’s web pages were typed by a human.


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      When will Microsoft starts spending some of it’s staff times on FIXING REAL PROBLEMS, not adding an offal-producer to placate “script kiddies.”  There are millions of Microsoft product users, most of them having serious problems with the quality of Microsoft products (to which the frequency of updates…and updates-to-updates…serve as testament)…but those are not getting the managerial focus on quality that makes great companies GREAT.  No, they rather litter the Internet with more fake news, because they think that’s “cute.”

      The market for good software is still growing, and Microsoft appears to be the only company that is consistently shipping garbage (e.g., updates) and undesirable (this “AI” example) code, instead of hiring QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED professional management who understand what’s best for their customers, and regaining their once-sterling reputation!

      The Board of Microsoft needs to look at the superb management of a company like EPIC (Verona, Wisconsin) to see the kind of Founder, CEO, and corporate culture that makes Microsoft look like the “garage” operation it was in it’s infancy!

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      It seems everything is fake these days:

      • Fake news – it seems you can’t trust anything that news organizations say.
      • Planned obsolescence – you think you are buying quality, and then it falls apart shortly after the warranty expires.
      • Fake reviews of products on everybody’s website.

      And now this.  Whatever isn’t fake now soon will be, thanks to “DeepCom” and its AI-generated fake comments to news articles.  I can imagine DeepCom being used by literally everyone, everywhere, to create a contrived image of themselves online.  Next thing you know, you will be able to use DeepCom to create a Facebook persona, along with contrived posts and comments.

      The eyebrow-raising creation, known as DeepCom, was developed by a group of engineers at Beihang University and Microsoft, China.

      The Chinese government controls all information in China.  This seems like a dream come true for them.

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      I remember back in the 70’s, people here in the UK avoided things ‘made in china’ as they usually fell apart or stopped working within weeks or months. AI will no doubt contribute to the subversive schemes and planned obsolescense and that’s the new business framework..$$$/£££ or €€€
      It’s not evolution, it’s regression with new tech IMO

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        Microfix:  Apt and revealing metaphor.  How can we mere customers upset that applecart?

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      To anonymous re MicroFix:

      We can “askwoody.com” for a forum so we can each report the various failures we experience with minimal data (e.g. KB545678 on Windows 10, x64).  Then Woody can appoint someone to copy the list and mail it to Microsoft Executives for their review on a periodic basis and retire the accumulated data in a “history” forum.

      That way, we all have a public reference to which we can refer until the reports dwindle to just a few.  I’d recommend emailing those reports to both the CEO, and to the Senior executive in the organization with responsibility for the team(s) that study problem reports, assess the failure points, and report how many customers reported that same failure of their latest update.


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