• Some questionable ads on AskWoody.com


    There have recently been some ads for questionable products on this site.  These ads are placed by Google, and not always can one “dispose” of them by clicking the little blue “x” in the upper right hand corner of the ad.

    I know Woody uses the revenue from the ads here to help keep the lights on and the site running fairly smoothly.

    Is there a way for Woody to vet the individual ads that Google desires to place here before they’re actually placed?


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      If your using IE11 click go to this web page by M$: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/iegallery scroll to the bottom of the page to “Stop Google Tracking” and below that there’s a little “add” click and your done. obtw must be done in IE11 its self, if you have your default browser set as something else it wont work. It used to annoy me no end, not just Woody’s web page but seemed to pester me all over. Should you use an “adblocker” allow some web advertising off the Web page as Woody derives the upkeep for these hallowed pages from them, and some are actually quite alluring “computorial” purchases should I ever win the lottery 🙂

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      I just started using Google AdSense, and I’m learning the ropes.

      AdSense has blocks available for all sorts of ads – and I just moved to block almost all of the categories. If you have any specific ads that are problematic, email me — woody@askwoody.com — and I’ll see if I can figure out how to block them.

      It’s most helpful if you can send details about the ad.

      Right now, advertising is by far the largest source of income for the site. With our new server, it isn’t clear if I’ll break even, between the advertising and donations, but I’m going to roll the dice.

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      One thing I’ve noticed is that the black “strip” between the first and second home page blog entries doesn’t always have a blue x to report an ad to Google. The blue x is only present when the strip only has an ad for one advertiser, and the strip sometimes has ads for two advertisers. When two advertisers are shown, there’s no blue x to report the ad/ads to Google.

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