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    I have a Windows 10 Pro, 22H2 system with the October 10, 2023—KB5031356 (OS Builds 19044.3570 and 19045.3570) update as the last one installed. Recently, I have been having a problem with the audio and video stuttering.  It appears when I am using a browser (both Chrome & Firefox) and it comes and goes. I don’t hear/see the stuttering when using say iTunes or Groove Music but if I open a browser while using either of these, the stuttering commences until the browser fully loads.

    I opened my computer and removed the video card and RAM modules, cleaned out the dust and reinstalled/reset them. The problem remains.

    I installed KB5031356 on November 5th and the problem started shortly after this. Could the update be causing this issue? I am thinking of uninstalling the update to see. What do you think?

    Any suggestions?


    Steve H,


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      Could be internet issues. Restart your modem and router. Check speedtest.net, fast.com, Speedcheck.org, and testmy.net (latency)

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        Hi TechTango, thanks for your reply. I have restarted my router and the issue remains.  I also checked the speed (I have a gigabit connection with FiOS) using Verizon’s speed test and speedtest.net and both agreed with each other showing upload and download speeds at about 850 mbps.  Also, my son has a gaming computer that also uses the same router. He has not see any issues.

        Your response made me think and I did the following two things: (1) replaced the cable running from the router to my computer and (2) switched the router ports that my computer and my son’s computer were plugged into the router. Nothing changed, my issue remains and no issue with my son’s computer.

        What do you think about my thought about uninstalling the last Windows update (KB5031356)?

        Steve H.

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          You can always uninstall and update to rule it out.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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            Hi Susan, thanks for your reply. I understand how to remove update KB5031356 but it looks like a Servicing Stack update was also installed. This cannot be uninstalled. If I uninstall the latest cumulative update and later determine I want to reinstall it, I can go to the Windows catalog and download it. But my question is since the Servicing Stack update is already installed, will there be a problem with reinstalling KB5031356?  If yes, then maybe I should wait until the next Windows update? If I need to keep it off-of my system, then I would need to hide KB5031356 so it doesn’t get reinstalled?


            Steve H.

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              Servicing stack updates don’t impact video/sound quality. If you uninstall the main update and later reinstall it, the update is smart enough to only install the security part of the update.  If the issue gets resolved by uninstalling, yes you will have to defer the update.

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Thank you Susan. I have found out that svchost.exe was updated with the last Windows update.  If I go to the Task Manager and look at the CPU under the “Performance” tab, I see the CPU max out when I have the video/audio problem.  Also looking at the “Processes” tab shows svchost.exe jumping to the top of the list for CPU usage. I am hoping uninstalling the update will correct this by correcting the updated svchost.exe or will System Restore be a better option?


      Steve H.

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        Uninstalling the update will narrow the results (good or bad) to the update.  System restore may make other changes.  This can be checked  by clicking “scan for affected programs”.

        Win 10 home - 22H2
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        Personally I prefer uninstalling an update to narrow down the problem.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      No speaker audio Win10 22H2 OS build 19045.3693.  I have lost speaker audio on my Dell Precision 7520 with RealTek audio.  I can get audio fine through headphones.  I have had no success attempting the MS troubleshooting procedure.  Does anybody on the forum have ideas?

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      It’s a well known problem for RealTek audio to stop working after Windows updates (experienced it several times myself.)

      What happens is the existing RealTek audio driver gets replaced with Microsoft’s “generic” HD audio driver which doesn’t work with some RealTek audio hardware.

      The fix is to either “roll back” the driver to the previous working version or, if that option isn’t available, replace it with a know good older version.

      The Dell support page for your Precision 7520 has a download link for a RealTek 6.0.8934.1 driver for your system (dated 06/04/20) as well as 7 older versions you could try to restore your audio.

      Just FYI, mine own RealTek audio won’t work with any driver newer than 6.0.9091.1 (dated 12/28/20) which I downloaded from my motherboard makers web site.

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        Problem solved with Dell support page.  Thank you for the elaboration on the problem.

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          Problem solved with Dell support page.  Thank you for the elaboration on the problem.

          Now you should block Microsoft for replacing that driver by blocking drivers update (recommended) in Windows updates.

          With Pro version use GPEdit to block drivers.
          In Home versions use Device Installation Settings set to NO.

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            Is it a recommended practice to disable automatic driver updates in Windows 11 ? What happens if I connect a new mouse or keyboard or printer to my laptop ? Will I have to manually download the necessary drivers ?

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              Yes, blocking drivers, Firmware.. updates in Windows update is recommended.

              Blocking drivers installation in Windows update doesn’t block drivers installation of new hardware. You should download new hardware’s drivers from OEM.

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              Thanks for the quick answer.

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            I have Windows 10 Pro.  I have never used GPedit.  I asked Dell Pro Support about MS drivers a while back and they didn’t think it was a problem.  How do I use GPEdit?

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              Type GPEdit in the search box.

              In the windows that opens :

              Expand Administrative Templets
              Expand Windows Components
              Double click on Windows Updates
              In the right windows : Scroll down to: do not include drivers with Windows updates.
              Double click on the setting and check ‘enable’

              Close GPEdit.

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      If you use the noscript extension in Firefox,
      within about:config
      Create new boolean named:
      then set the value to TRUE
      Had this issue breifly a while back and this sorted it.

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