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    Its could be Spectrum’s ongoing malevolence, Outlook trying to crash its way into Live Mail… general incompetence. Anyways, any idea how to retrieve my archived email from spectrum/charter? When I log in, there’s a new interface and no mail is being saved.

    Yes, I know. time to move on from Spectrum Mail. and this forum has been insightful in that regard. True humanitarians!


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      Since it sounds like you’ve been using an email client for quite some time, perhaps a refresher of general tendencies of the providers is in order.

      In my email client, there’s a setting for leaving the email on the server the client is trying to retrieve it from. From my own personal experience over the last decade and a half with three different providers (none of them Charter/Spectrum/Time Warner), they have all automatically sent my retrieved mail to the Trash bin where it’s automatically deleted after 30 days, even with the “leave messages on the server” set to “Yes” or checked. If I’ve wanted to keep an email on their server for later use, I’ve had to go into the web-based interface and move it from the Trash bin back to the Inbox (or Archive folder if there is one).

      So, it could be that this behavior is why you’re not seeing your past emails on their server when you log in via the web-based interface. The way to find out for sure is to call their internet tech support folks who specialize in their email service, and ask them “Where’s my archived email?” and see what their answer is. While you’re at it, see if they have a user’s guide of sorts for their new web-based interface.

      It could be that they have to enable something on the server to let you see it so you can go get it with your current email client.

      Just some ideas as to why you’re seeing what you are. I hope this provides a decent starting point for you.

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      How are you accessing spectrum mail? Local client or browser?

      cheers, Paul

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