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    Windows 95, Office 2000, 64 MB RAM: Large spreadsheet (located on network) is opened successfully by most users. Upon File/Open, for a handful of users, however, speaksheet loads — as indicated by sliding indicator — but hourglass remains for several minutes and system will either time out (Ctl-Alt-Del reflects not responding) or IPF occurs.

    Have applied SR-1 and backed off OLE update. Any other suggestions?

    One commonality is version of Netware client. Could this cause problems in Excel?

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      The Netware client can cause problems in anything! I assume you’re running over a Novell network, or you shouldn’t be running the netware client. Make sure everyone has the same version of the client, as well as having the same version of SR-1(a). Have your system administrator check to insure that network settings aren’t causing the behavior on the problem machines.

      Also make sure that each machine has adequate room for its swapfile, since that can cause Excel (or any Office application) to hang up too. 64Mb of RAM is barely adequate for Office 2000, so you are probably page swapping when you load a large (what do you consider large, by the way?) spreadsheet. If the virtual memory settings and swapfile sizes are different on the different machines, that could cause the variation in behavior as well. If your hard disk is pretty full and/or heavily fragmented, that will affect the behavior on a particular machine.

      Unfortunately, tuning Office 2000 is something of an art or craft rather than a science, so you may have to provide more information to get a useful answer.

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      I’ve seen this behavior when the ‘network’ becomes sluggish. If you’re ‘failing’ users have a slower network connection, this could be a problem. See if they can copy the file to their local harddrive and then try to open it from there.

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      I have this exact problem here too..(See Corrupt Template…Jazman2001

      My scenario involved a very time consuming OCR prog that was loading via the VB Editor. r go to Tools/Macro/VB Editor

      Look in the left pane for unusual objects.

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